One of the movements that the industry has been predicting that streaming sites will take in the future is to start maximizing the idea of ​​serving content with advertising and at no cost. Amazon is already working on an ad-supported live video system, as some leaks already pointed out a few months ago, and some experts assume that Netflix will at some point try to launch a much cheaper version of its service with integrated ads. But, nevertheless, all of them have been ahead of YouTube.YouTube has been from the first moment a service without payment fees. Consumers did not pay to access videos posted by others on the video network, although they did suffer from associated ads. But in recent years – and as competition in the VoD market has accelerated – YouTube has started experimenting with higher quality content, longer duration and, of course, low pay.YouTube Originals, YouTube general and YouTube Music is what allows you to watch without ads (or directly to watch, as with series) under payment in Spain.

In the United States, YouTube has experimented with more payment formats and has been Lithuania WhatsApp Number List testing more things.And it is in this market that the latest movement that YouTube has been working arrives, a movement with which it is experimenting and which, as a quick search from Spain on YouTube shows, has not yet reached this market. Now, YouTube offers free Hollywood movies. Until now, the site worked as a rental system, allowing content to be viewed on demand and under payment (and without ads). What it now allows is to view those contents without paying for them.What YouTube offersThe discovery has been made by AdAge . According to the American media, during the last period, YouTube has been letting its users watch movies without having to pay for it and only having to watch ads.

Terminator or A very legal blonde are some of the films offered. Users of the video network could be found in the YouTube Movies tab under their own option that indicated that they were free movies.”We saw this opportunity based on consumer requests, beyond just offering pay movies,” explains Hirohito Hawaiian, director of product management at YouTube, who also speaks of a good opportunity for advertisers. It is not known how the benefits are shared by studios and YouTube (Dhawan did not want to give data on the subject), but how it works in advertising terms. Movies are one more element of the many content offered to advertisers. In other words, movies are added to the content offering.A huge potential market Even so, in the future they could allow you to pay for sponsorship for specific films, for offering viewers courtesy viewings or for exclusive screenings linked to your brands.

It all depends, explains the manager, on how the studios approach the commercialization windows of their films in the future (something that, must be explained in parallel, continues to maintain the parameters of the past and the traditional environment of commercialization windows).For now, YouTube only offers 100 movies to watch for free, although it is not the only one that does. WalMart hypermarkets also have a similar service in the US, called Vudu, and there are specialized companies, such as Tubi, that do it as well. The CEO of Tubi explains, in fact, to AdAge that the market for video with ads is a “giant” market. It is, as he adds, an immense business opportunity.For YouTube, it may be the key to seriously competing with the giants of the VoD industry.

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