Whether it’s working out in the living room before dinner, catching up on a podcast, or listening to a virtual concert on a Friday night, people are increasingly turning to YouTube as they spend more time at home.To help better tailor advertising to the different ways consumers interact on the platform, YouTube has introduced Audio Ads, the first ad format specially designed to connect brands with YouTube audiences during both active listening as environmental. Audio Ads, currently in beta, help you extend your reach and increase your brand awareness with audio-based creativity and the same measurement, audience, and security options available to you in your video campaigns.Reach more music loversMusic has always been an important part of culture.

It is also an excellent medium for Singapore Email List capturing an audience that is listening to what you like; Yet most companies miss the potential of music on YouTube. Now that the broadcasting of music videos on YouTube is at its peak (more than 50 percent of users who log in and consume music content in a day do so for more than 10 minutes), we present new solutions for your brand to be seen, heard and recognized along with the musical content.In addition to audio ads, one of the solutions we launched is dynamic music selections, that is, groups of channels dedicated to popular music genres such as Latin music, K-pop, hip-hop and the Top 100 – but also to moods or hobbies, such as fitness – so that you can easily reach fans of these genres around the world and increase your turnover. We also introduce Audio Ads, our first aural format for YouTube, that will help you reach your audience with ads specially created to be heard.

Music selections and audio announcements help you be present, on a grand scale, both when audiences are actively watching YouTube and when it is playing in the background during their day-to-day activities.Amplify your brand message Audio ads are characterized by being an advertisement in which the soundtrack plays the main role in transmitting the message. The visual component is usually a still image or a simple animation.In measurements taken during months of alpha testing, we found that more than 75 percent of YouTube audio ad campaigns generated a significant increase in brand awareness.An example of the impact that audio ads can have is that of SEAT. The automaker wanted to expand an existing audio-based digital campaign to reach listeners who might be interested in the summer sale of its Ibiza FR model.

The company repurposed audio materials to turn them into audio ads on YouTube, and used YouTube audience tools to reach people with an affinity for technology and social media, and those in search of a vehicle. By providing ads to interested listeners, SEAT managed to increase ad recall by 21% and increase brand awareness.When preparing an audio-based advertising campaign, you must bear in mind that sound has to play the main role. Think: “If I close my eyes, I can still clearly know what the ad is about.” Be clear and specific in your message and choose a close and authentic voice to convey it. If you do not know which is the most suitable creative material, you can turn to Video Experiments to do a test and see the results quickly and at no additional cost.

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