Course on e-Marketing at CEF.- Center for Financial Studies To learn about E-Marketing, identify the strategies, their implementation and their success stories IMF Business School · Masters in Marketing and Digital Communication Online or in person · Double degree · Up to 70% scholarship · Job and internship exchange Google is in talks with its largest advertisers to promote its new generation of mobile advertising services, aimed at increasing demand for its mobile marketing services. Thus, the Internet giant launches its advertising business that, crossing the borders of computers, reaches smartphones with mobile advertising. The project is being supervised by Karim Temsamani, Google’s first executive specifically in charge of mobile advertising since October 2010.Google will host a customer ad event in New York to showcase the ways in which ad campaigns can be scaled up in the mobile environment as well as the tools with which brands can track the efficiency of their campaigns.

This meeting will not be the only Fiji Email List since according to Temsamani, similar events will be held with potential advertisers from all over the world. According to analysts, mobile advertising is one of the main growth opportunities for Google, whose 2010 revenue amounted to $ 29 billion from Internet advertising alone, while Google’s revenue figures from mobile advertising they represent more than a billion. Google’s mobile advertising is not related to Android, which during the fourth quarter of 2010 established itself as the largest, most competitive and market share operating system for mobile devices, ahead of Symbian from Nokia and iOS Apple from iPhone and that can be used by any manufacturer Google’s competition with Apple over advertising led Google to take over the mobile advertising company Ad Mob last year, for which Apple was also competing, for $ 750 million. Meanwhile, Apple launched aAd in 2010 and it delivers an advertising platform embedded in games and new applications developed for the iPhone.According to Temsamani, mobile advertising is experiencing a boom so fast that there is enough space for both companies, Google and Apple, to prosper, although it is true that the efforts made by Google are focused on display ads, search and other formats aimed at consumers who use different types of mobile devices, regardless of their operating system.

Internet searches through mobile devices quadrupled during 2010 as reported and its click-to-call advertising scheme that through a link allows consumers to call a company to find out, generates millions of calls monthly. There are many analysts who believe that the ability to physically locate the consumer will provide even more accuracy at the time of issuance of the ads and therefore by increasing its effectiveness, the prices will be higher for advertisers with respect to their traditional contextual advertising However, Temsamani reported that they are looking for a way to generate more attractive ads, aimed at increasing Google’s mobile advertising business and that increasing the rates of their mobile ads is not the number one priority at the moment.” Our main objective is to achieve greater penetration in mobile advertising, a fact that will be achieved with the active participation of more and more advertisers, not through the increase in rates” were his words.

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