Google is repeatedly making adjustments to how it displays search results. Those responsible for SEO are mainly concerned with how Google changes the rules that mark what appears and what does not appear in its results (and just made an adjustment in the base that governs its algorithm).However, how you also present those results is crucial to understanding how consumers engage with and consume that information. After all, the presentation of information and where it occupies on the page completely changes how we react to it and what we click and what not.In recent years, the appearance of windows with information already integrated into Google results has been changing how marketers think strategically and work. To get the information they are interested in, for example, it has become crucial to work positioning themselves in these data windows, which makes it necessary to take specific care of snippets.

The truth is, however, that not only those elements are important. Marketers also need to analyze Switzerland Phone Number List the design changes that Google makes.And the search engine has just made one in desktop navigation. Search results now appear with a change in font and format. It is not a brutal change, but one that modifies how consumers perceive things. You feel, when you see it, that it is “weird”.Consumers will have to get used to viewing search results differently, but they may also need to relearn what is organic in what they see and what is not. The difference, at least from a visual point of view, between the results that are ads and those that are not is very limited (in the end it is only the inclusion of Ad before the link, something that in English – where it is only Ad – is still much more subtle).

Has this change become too confusing and is it making it more difficult at first glance to separate your ad from organic content?This is what is displayed when searching for a brand Little differentiated Analysts seem to be leaning yes. An analysis in Tech Crunch points out that now ads and results have such a homogeneous appearance that it is easy at first glance to make mistakes and click on an ad thinking that it is just another result.In addition, they point out, visually now all the results look like how they used to show the ads. The American tech press theorizes that now they all look like commercials and that maybe that was really the goal.The design change would thus be the latest dark pattern, the “dark pattern” design, that Google has incorporated.

The redesigns of recent years have made the ads more integrated with the results and therefore more difficult to separate and much more clickable.In the past, in fact, ads on Google were marked with colors, which separated them more clearly from organic content. The colors disappeared earlier this decade, eliminating the clearer visual separation.Google has simply pointed out on Twitter that it has brought to the desktop the design that it had already implemented the previous year on mobile. As Tech Crunch points out, however , on mobile screens it may be slightly easier to perceive the nuances that separate organic results from advertising, but on a computer it is much more confusing.

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