This study was conducte in 2015, but we believe it’s still relevant, if not more so, today.) People don’t want a strippe down set of content. Instead, they want quick and easy access to the materials they nee on whatever device they happen to be using. Thus, while you want to optimize your site, landing pages, emails, etc. for micro-moments, you do not want to force visitors into a box from which they cannot escape. 3. Consider (and reconsider) your metrics. The metrics you establishe in the desktop-centric days may not seamlessly translate to our new multi-device, micro-moment world. For example, you might have.

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Fought tirelessly to find ways to increase visitors’ time on your site, recognizing that more time means higher engagement, which translates to higher conversion. The micro-moments you identify for mobile visitors, however, might suggest that you want a lower time-on-site. A prospect visiting the website of a consulting firm may be looking for: An infographic Venezuela Phone Number List they want to show a coworker The bio of a partner with whom they are about to meet A case study to read while traveling In order to meet this prospect’s expectations for their mobile experience, you must design your website to quickly and intuitively help them find the specific piece of information for which they are looking.

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If their mobile visit is distracting, frustrating, or too time consuming, you’ve damage their perception of your brand. 4. Embrace the intimacy of mobile. For better or worse, I go to be with my phone (reviewing tomorrow’s scheule and reading B2B Lead a nighttime meitation) and I wake up with my phone (silencing the alarm and checking the weather). I communicate with my partner and my best friends everyday — all through my phone. When my MBA classmate sends a GIF of Tyra Banks being sassy, I turn my phone to the person next to me, and we have a good laugh together. Day-in and day-out, these interactions create an intimate connection between my phone and me. And I’m not alone: Most consumers imbue their mobile experiences with more intimacy than desktop experiences.

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