Marketing teams embracing an ABM strategy work closely with sales to identify key target customers and then tailor personalized messages and campaigns. Why is an ABM strategy important? Today, more than ever, companies’ marketing departments feel more pressure to directly impact revenue growth. This is the main reason why ABM strategies are Bulgaria WhatsApp Number List seeing significant uptake. The ABM makes you focus on those potential customers or accounts with the greatest opportunity and value. For example, imagine your product is a very expensive saas or consulting service. Instead of creating ‘broad spectrum’ marketing campaigns trying to impact SMEs.

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By narrowing this spectrum to those smes that, by their nature, have a greater need/urgency for your product/service and have the budget to acquire it . Types of abm strategies abm pioneers have identified three types of ABM strategy: strategic, lite, and programmatic. Strategic abm this approach is run on an individual basis, typically for highly Bulgaria WhatsApp Number List strategic accounts. Building relationships is a central focus of strategic abm . As a result, this approach relies heavily on personalized marketing campaigns that demonstrate a deep understanding of the target account. Abm lite the ABM lite approach enables ABM at scale. In this version, the focus is slightly personal/customize campaigns targeting a small group of similar accounts.

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Similarly, size facing comparable challenges and pursuing analogous goals could be impacted with the same message and creativity. Programmatic abm you could say that programmatic abm combines strategic and lite abm , using high technology to tailor marketing campaigns to target accounts at scale. This approach usually Bulgaria WhatsApp Number List selection of a horizontal or vertical segment. It may make sense to use a single type of abm or a mix. This will depend on the nature of your business and the sophistication of your abm strategy. Benefits of account based marketing the success of abm lies in implementing strategies and designing personalized campaigns focused on an audience. By focusing efforts on a certain audience, the benefits that account based marketing can bring are numerous.

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