Not that Lego has stood idly by in recent years when it comes to brand building. In fact, it could be said that the opposite is true. In recent years, Lego has managed to become the world’s most valuable brand of toys and has been able to reinvent itself. Not so many years ago I was on the brink of bankruptcy.To achieve this good (new) fortune, Lego made a solid bet to create a certain brand image and to position itself clearly with consumers. Their toys are associated with imagination and creativity, while remaining fun and, important to those who buy the toys, safe and reliable. In addition, the pull of the brand has not only established itself among children, but has also managed to become a consumer brand for adults. It is a love mark for them, who continue to buy their products for their children and for themselves.Its brand image has been underpinned with efficient use of social networks and the internet but also with strategic content, such as Lego movies (movies featuring their toys – and therefore almost two hours of a very long advertisement – that consumers they wanted to see). Lego has not given up on traditional advertising and has been launching campaigns for its different products.

What he had not launched has been a generic campaign for his brand. It has not done so Kenya Phone Number List until now.For three decades after his last campaign as a brand Lego, the toy giant just presenting Rebuild the World , his first traditional building campaign brand image in about 30 years.The epicenter of the campaign is an advertisement, showing the adventures of a rabbit fleeing from a hunter through an imaginary city. Characters and locations are versions of Lego toys.The ad is full of what are known in English as “Easter eggs,” those clues hidden in the images that fans will quickly identify and remind them of other things. In this case, for example, they are the first toys of the company or the Lego House.The campaign will have a presence on television, internet and cinema, as well as in outdoor advertising.

Rémi Marcelino, the head of The Lego Agency, points out that the campaign is “a new, modern expression of the true, deep foundations” of the brand.Why a campaign when you are such an established brand Launching a campaign that seems to present your brand to the consumer is striking when it is done by a giant with a ubiquitous presence among the most popular and loved brands in the world. Why then run a campaign and focus on it?The campaign tries to sell the ideal idea and vision of what Lego is and what it represents, especially – and this is explained by the company’s marketing managers – in those markets where Lego does not have a solid established past.

The toy giant is establishing itself in markets such as China or India, in which adults did not play with their toys as children and where, therefore, they do not start with that nostalgic and positive knowledge about the brand. Lego has to sell what it is to those consumers and convey the values ​​of its brand.The campaign is not, however, only for those markets, but its managers also point out that it is something that works in the long term as a reinforcement of their brand and their values. As Marcella explained to The Drum , they don’t want the fact that the brand is so well known to end up making it just another kind of background noise. They do not want consumers to stay with the general idea therefore and they want them not to forget that it is also something creative and fun.

In-house agency vs external agency Curiously, the campaign also functions as another chapter in the war between in-house agencies and external agencies. Unlike the renewal of the Volkswagen logo (carried out in-house), Lego left this campaign in the hands of an external agency. He did, yes, after a contest. The company asked its internal agency for a pitch for a campaign (although the workers of the internal agency did not know they were in a competition, their boss did, who was the one who organized it) and also asked an external agency, the French one. BETC Paris.The external agency was the one that won and is responsible for Rebuild the World , although in collaboration with The Lego Agency, the in-house agency, which according to its manager has been “very involved” in the process.

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