We are immersed in a complicated, convulsive, unexpected and often desperate stage. The uncertainty about what the new normal that we hear so much about will be like affects us, with our feelings more on the surface.The ESIC Business & Marketing School professor , Francisco Torreblanca, has looked precisely in these emotions how the new advertising is carried out, with applauded campaigns on social networks that encourage resistance. In fact, the message is so similar – optimistic, collaborative, supportive – that we could speak of a “pandemic coronavirus publicity.””We are having the opportunity to see real gems in the form of audiovisual production,” says the expert.

If we take into account South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands Email List the 12 emotional states defined by the British academic Dylan Evans, all of them can appear in one way or another: happiness, sadness, anger, fear, surprise, disgust, love, guilt, shame, pride, envy and jealousy.”The bank that sees money as you see it”, Bankinter”Without a doubt, the great winner due to the impact it has generated” , highlights Torreblanca. With the most representative element of the bank, cash, the concepts that are related to the situations that are most missed are extracted. All this, masterfully tacked together with a song so exceptional that, due to thousands of searches on the net, the bank has decided to create a space for it on its blog.”When we are all emotionally hooked, he tells us about certain measures taken by the entity to facilitate this situation for its clients,” he says.

An advertisement that delves into the love for ours and leaves room for nuances of happiness, sadness, anger and even fear. And all this, with an element that can currently cause rejection because it is perceived as a means of transmission of the virus: the banknotes.”Your house has something to tell you”, Ikea”It is not easy to adapt your strategic line of communication to the unlikely situation we are experiencing,” Torrential explains. The announcement of the Swedish brand is short, direct and maintains the fundamental values ​​of the firm, promoting the idea that our home is our territory. IKEA reminds us of everything we have done, are doing and will be doing in our homes, under a simple but beautiful melodic tune.

Click here to see the Ikea ad “We are in a new stage of our lives, in which we are living and we will see many things that will change our way of understanding it,” concludes the professor, who launches a warning about these small pieces of audiovisual art: “We cannot help but get excited, because circumstances invite you to do so. But observe which brand says things to you with the heart and which brand says it with the head. That is, who wants to help in a true and transparent way and who seeks balance. Always read the fine print of everything”.

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