For years, there were several voices and predictions that pointed out that online searches and search engines had their days numbered. The boom in social networks, the experts pointed out, made search engines much less relevant and much less important. However, not only did search engines not disappear, but their use has also intensified, thanks to the boom in smartphones since we can search at the exact moment we need it.That has also made search ads much more relevant and much more important. They continue to take a significant part of the online advertising budget and are the key that explains the growth of new advertising players, such as Amazon.The reason we click on search ads is that we are generally not aware that this is an ad. It is the conclusion that studies have reached over the years, but also the one that has just been drawn by an analysis of Clutch, which has analyzed consumer behavior in relation to search ads on Google, Bing,YouTube and Amazon.

Despite this, consumers are Iran WhatsApp Number List convinced that they are fully aware of when a search ad is appearing before them. That is, they believe that they can separate advertising from content without much trouble. 77% of those surveyed said they were confident that they could separate advertising from organic search results.Consumers also have a different view of when they would click and when they would not. Google is the main arena where consumers would click on ads. 63% of respondents indicate that they would click on a search ad in the search engine. Google outperforms what consumers think they would do with Amazon (15% say they would click), YouTube (9%) or Bing (6%).

Google’s success at this point may also be marked by the very nature of its ads. Overall, 48% of consumers say they click on text ads, 31% on Shopping ads and 16% on video.What leads to clicking Consumers also have a list of reasons why they click on ads (and why they wouldn’t). Like searches and the organic results they bring in, ads also need to be able to respond to what consumers expect. They have to be able to add value and fit in with the specific search they are doing. As you recall in Search Engine Land, if someone is looking for a product on sale that is what they want and not the more expensive versions or the latest news of that product.

The conclusions of the study also make it completely clear. The first of the four reasons why a search ad is clicked is what the ad contributes: 33% say they respond to the ad because it responds to the search request that the consumer has made.Behind that question is the fact that you know the brand. 26% click when they mention a brand they are familiar with.And finally, the ‘formal’ aspects, so to speak, of the ad are important. 20% click simply because they are right above the search results (and therefore the first thing they see) and 19% because the title, description or image was attractive to them.

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