Since the appearance of inbound marketing, we have witnessed a meteoric increase in the number of companies turning to this type of marketing strategy. The first to understand that such a strategy could be a powerful lever for growth are the software publishers.. It is therefore natural that they were the first to turn to inbound marketing, and that from its inception. Indeed, software publishers quickly realized that the marketing methods they used to promote their software and find customers were not effective enough and that they did not convert a large enough number of customers. prospects into customers. Since they discovered this new strategy, they have therefore completely broken with the old codes when it comes to marketing and sales. But what are the reasons why software companies are moving into inbound marketing and soliciting an inbound marketing agency to help them? We explain everything to you in our article.

Inbound marketing provides answers in line with the needs of software publishers If today, software publishers are Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List adopting inbound marketing  masse , it is because this fairly recent marketing strategy provides answers in line with their needs. inbound marketing software companies white paper free download Software publishers very often need to create and manage hyper-growth once they have passed the development stage of their software solution. In addition to wanting to generate leads quickly so that their activity is profitable, they also and above all want to generate new customers  masse !

By definition, inbound marketing allows you to multiply your leads and therefore increase the probability that these leads will turn into customers. Inbound marketing therefore responds perfectly to the desire of software publishers to make their software visible to as many people as possible.In addition, in these dynamic startups, the teams are often small. Software publishers do not always have the in-house skills to develop an adequate marketing strategy, but above all, they do not want to specialize in this branch and remain focused on their core business. This is why many software publishers decide to use the services of an inbound marketing agency . This saves them from having to go through a recruitment process and they can rely on the help of experts in the field who will be able to support them for as long as they wish. Finally, software publishers are highly digitalized companies , for whom communication is a key point. They have a real digital culture and therefore know what they want in terms of communication. However, they need to be supported because they do not master inbound techniques. Thus, they are sensitive to everything digital. In particular, they are the first consumers of social selling in order to understand social networks and derive benefits from them.

The benefits of inbound marketing for software publishers Software publishers are moving in large numbers towards inbound marketing strategies, in particular because they have understood all the benefits that they could bring them. Who says inbound marketing says marketing automation ! Such software makes it possible to qualify a database, which is often very important among software publishers . By qualifying this database, they can then send personalized content to each of their prospects: send the right message, at the right time and to the right person! This allows them to bring their prospects into a lead nurturing process in order to feed them little by little, depending on their progress in the conversion tunnel. The quantity of contacts is no longer a problem since they can manage a large database without too much effort.. Thus, thanks to marketing automation software set up in the context of an inbound marketing strategy, it is the marketing and sales teams who save time! Automation considerably simplifies lead management.

Inbound marketing thus makes it possible to individualize the relationships that the company maintains with each of its prospects , according to the stage of the purchase cycle in which they are. Personalizing the customer relationship therefore allows prospects to move forward at their own pace in the conversion tunnel, but also to give them time to understand on the one hand the benefits that the software can bring them and on the other hand to understand the functionalities and technicalities of the software .

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