At the beginning of the new year, Douyin once again sneaked into the backyard of WeChat. On December 30, the Douyin official website launched an instant messaging software called “Douyin Chat”. Which provides Windows and Mac desktop clients, and the latest version is displayed as 1.0.0.Unlike ByteDance’s previous social apps. The launch of “Douyin Chat” is relatively low-key. From the point of view of product functions, Douyin Chat only strips out the functional application of social functions from Douyin. There are no new concepts and no big vision. It mainly focuses on the change of product form rather than functional innovation.

Chat software that can only chat

Douyin CEO Zhang Nan once publicly stated that the changes and iterations of Douyin’s social functions are based on the natural needs of users. New experiences and new usage scenarios have always been a process of following UK Phone Number the trend. In 2020, Douyin launched the “Friends” tab and “Daily” functions, and launched the Douyin chat desktop client after more than a year. Does this mean that the social base and demand in the Douyin ecosystem are still expanding? Social communication has been unable to meet the needs of some users and live e-commerce.

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The roads traveled by Byte Social

Many Douyin sellers told “New Entropy” that the launch of this function. Will have a certain impact on the actions of merchants and anchors in terms of private domain traffic. Users plant grass on Douyin, place orders on WeChat, and repurchase in WeChat groups. But if Douyin has B2B Lead its own separate chat software, it only needs to connect to Douyin Pay to complete the transaction closed loop, and the path for merchants and anchors in Douyin to obtain private domain traffic will be smoother at the same time, so that merchants can attract traffic The incentive to go to WeChat will be greatly eliminated. For ordinary users, with the continuous ferment of social needs in the Douyin ecosystem, the launch of computer-side chat software is also a matter of course, and Douyin’s social dream is one step closer.




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