Studies have already addressed on several occasions how contextual elements change the perception of brands, advertisements and the credibility of their messages. The important thing is not only what the ads say, but also who stars in them. Something similar happens in stores, for example, where it is not only the color of the walls, the aromas that perfume the establishment or the organization of the checkout lines that matter, but also the person who attends you.Several studies have analyzed the impact of the smile , noting that it is more convincing and that it improves our perception of the company, for example. The person who stars in the messages and the way in which they present themselves change our perception of the associated company.As with personal branding, which is impacted by our clothing, the way we speak, or even the way we sit, people also change how we accept or believe brand messages and advertisements. We give some people more credibility and some we trust a lot more.

The latest study has focused India Phone Number List on how we perceive people in the sharing economy service ads and if that changes our consumption patterns. The conclusions are not only relevant to understand who we prefer when we select an accommodation on Airbnb and are not only extrapolated for other similar services, but also allow us to reflect on credibility and on how we react when someone wants to sell us something.And the main conclusion is that we consume more easily and we trust more when who wants to sell us something is a woman of a certain age.The most reliable: a womanThe study , carried out by the Hebrew University, focused on the reactions that a group of users showed to a set of accommodation ads on Airbnb and to the images of their hosts. The winning ads were those that featured an older woman as the host in a smiling photo.

They were, they concluded, the host demographic that managed to attract the largest pool of guests possible.Why was this happening?The key is in what the consumer’s brain ‘read’ when he saw the image of the woman who tried to convince him to rent their accommodation. These saleswomen were the ones who managed to arouse the most trust among consumers. They were because they had the perfect combo of features to build bomb-proof confidence.The researchers found that consumers trust women more than men. They also do it more in those hosts who seem attractive to them than those who are not and in those who show a smiling face (as opposed to a neutral image).

And, on the age scale, older hosts are seen as more ‘trustworthy’ than younger ones.Important for conversion The power of the image of the person is also very high, so much so that it surpasses other key points when making consumption decisions and has an effect on how and how much one is willing to invest. The researchers found that, surprisingly, profile photos of the hosts were key in consumption decisions. They were so much so that they outperformed the ratings and opinions that other consumers had left.And not only that: those ads that consumers associated with a profile of a person who seemed reliable and secure, someone worthy of trust, were those that managed to do the most business on the platform and those that had the highest prices.

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