ACL Direct Promo · We know about Relationship Marketing, We are experts in loyalty and incentives · We like to create unique experiences Monographic course on Internet Law at CEF.- Center for Financial Studies, Know the legal responsibilities that exist in the digital environment to protect your company An agile eCommerce platform, a digital sales force and a multichannel customer service model will be the key axes for a successful customer experience in the new normal. SAP has held during these days in Spain SAP Customer Experience (CX) Day, the largest virtual event on the present and future of customer experience management in the post-covid-19 era to which more than 2,000 professionals have registered. marketing, sales, customer experience, eCommerce and digital transformation area.

In the words of Alfonso Faroe Islands Email List Head of SAP Customer Experience in Spain , “during the exceptional situation that we have experienced in recent months, the lack of digitization processes of many companies has become evident. We have seen saturated eCommerce platforms, breaks of stock, logistics problems or exceeded call centers that have caused losses to many companies and have seriously affected their reputations. It has been demonstrated the importance that only by understanding what, when and why things are happening, we can act correctly and in the right moment”. ECommerce has been critical in this crisis: those companies that had a solid, flexible and scalable platform have been able to continue operating with a certain normality, assuming order increases of even 4x. On the contrary, companies that had not firmly opted for electronic commerce now have the imperative need to get to work in this line. This reality has driven the demand for more agile and faster projects that allow customers to scale their eCommerce channel by adjusting to new needs, with solutions such as SAP Upscale Commerce, the new SAP platform for B2C and D2C eCommerce.

Likewise, looking to the future, Alfonso Cossío considers two additional critical issues for the customer experience to be a differential factor. On the one hand, having a model of digital engagement and multichannel customer service, especially in relation to the customer’s self-service capacity and the intelligent automation of interactions: “Chatbots are capable of answering 80% of inquiries from customers thanks to AI and collective knowledge. Customers demand more efficiency and fewer resources to scale their customer service capacity in current circumstances, without the customer experience being penalized. ” On the other hand, it is necessary for commercial teams to take a technological leap and adopt digital or hybrid sales models, more specifically: ” The ability for sales teams to carry out their work not only on the move, but also remotely, is absolutely critical.

And for points of sale, digitization is a great opportunity to offer consumers better shopping experiences while improving conversion and average ticket ratios. “SAP Customer Experience Day has had the presence of one of the most reputed experts in transformation of customer relationships, Steven Van Belleghem, who has advanced what will be the future of the customer experience and the evolution of the Customer Journey to the Life Journey. In his speech, Van Belleghem explained why companies should stop focusing on their purpose to become true facilitators of the purpose of their customers and be their travel companions. This model involves understanding that the customer experience goes beyond digital convenience, which has become an increasingly automated and invisible commodity, and must respond to customer expectations.

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