What do the advertising campaigns that have become more effective in recent years have in common, and what unites the companies behind them? Answering this question is very important, because effectiveness and conversion have become crucial and prominent elements in marketing and advertising strategy. Companies need marketing and advertising actions to bring them direct results.A Warc analysis has looked at the campaigns that have crawled into their most effective listings recently to see what they had in common. They wanted to know what made them effective and what marketers should keep in mind when analyzing their own strategy. From its conclusions, three points can be drawn.Consumers want action, not lip serviceOne of the issues that have been positioned as key in the marketing strategy in recent years is to have causes, principles and transmit them in the marketing strategy.

However, in this area, companies must tread very fine, because not everything goes and because Norfolk Island Email List consumers are increasingly aware of the difference between what is done and what is simply promised.In short, consumers want, according to Warc, “acts, not ads.” That is, they expect companies to actually do things and not simply to throw lip service disguised as principles at them. Consumers do not want to be told what they are doing or what they believe but to see it.Carrefour, the example of a campaign that they put on the platform, even sold products produced with illegal seeds to support biodiversity. The campaign, Marché Interdit , (prohibited market), recovered local products a couple of years ago but that could not be sold due to a law on the use of seeds. It had such a high impact on the media that it managed to impact European legislation.

Don’t just focus on the adIn Warc’s conclusions on the most effective campaigns of recent years, there is also a highlight, that of the role of the ad. It is not only that the ad should not necessarily be traditional to succeed, as they point out in the campaign, but it should also address the market and the relationship with consumers in a transversal way.The campaigns that have been most effective have been those that have managed to use different pieces of marketing, advertising and communication together. As explained from Warc, the most prominent campaigns have used fame-building tactics, such as using public relations to publicize what they do and how and even support a communication campaign.

Innovation comes from AsiaAnd finally, to understand what the industry is doing to be effective with its campaigns and what are the most prominent examples of what to do, you have to look at Asia. The Asian market has become the guide to effectiveness and what is important.25% of the 100 most effective campaigns but especially 60% of the top 10 were campaigns launched in an Asian country. Asia is becoming a benchmark thanks to the high adoption of technology and dynamic changes in culture and economy, which means that companies have to fine-tune very well what they do in marketing and how.

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