This characteristic has become one of its clear elements of identity and one of the most powerful links it has with its viewers. In fact, one could say that this is the key element that makes VoD in general so fast connected with viewers online. Users can access content whenever they want and can do so without having to suffer advertising breaks.But while Netflix – and its main rivals – is ad-free, the ad industry hasn’t stopped paying attention to the platform and its potential. Netflix has already made it clear on multiple occasions that it will not incorporate ads , as much as analysts consider it almost inevitable and as much as it could become a very powerful source of income. Even so, that does not mean that brands are not present in the Netflix universe and that the series and programs on the platform do not have a direct effect on viewers’ consumption patterns and current issues.In the last point, that of the issues of the moment, it is easier to see the relationship. When a Netflix series goes viral, its presence is almost ubiquitous.

The series is everywhere, until Romania Email List the current cycle of topics is filled with new content. While the moment lasts, the media is filled with derived listicles and the social networks with gifs and linked content.On the relationship between brands and content and their impacts on consumption patterns, things are not always so clear but they are also there. Netflix and the streaming boom have created a new golden age of product placement , whether organic (as has happened with S tranger .Things and its avalanche of brands, as indicated by the platform itself after the premiere of the latest installment of the series) or either upon payment (you just have to look at some of their programs to find the “advertising placement” notice).

Some of his most popular series have given brutal exposure to different brands. One only has to think, for example, about the global success of La Casa de Papel and how it amplified the reach of the brands present in product placement actions. Estrella Galicia, for example, is highly integrated in the first seasons of the series, achieving a lot of brand visibility, even at crucial moments for the development of the series.All these data make it clear that the impact of the streaming world on consumption exists and that for brands it has become a new opportunity.

Lady’s Gambit , Netflix’s latest star series, is one of its latest examples. “Beth Harmon’s chess games in Gambit have brought together 62 million households in their first 28 days, breaking the record among miniseries,” the official account of Netflix Spain tweeted a few days ago. The series has become an unexpected success with the public, with a high impact.What it says about the advertising marketAnd this success and the resulting impact serve to understand, as explained in Quartz , the advertising potential that Netflix has. In the analysis they focus on the theoretical potential that Netflix could have to include ads on its platform (even if they were not the traditional ones) based on the consumption data generated by the miniseries.

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