When developing your web marketing strategy, the question of SEA necessarily arises as a lever for growth for your business. Undoubtedly, the rise of digital technology and the explosion of online research are giving pride of place to online advertising. And knowing that 91% of clicks are made on the 1st page of the search engine , Google Ads is essential as a referencing tool to gain visibility and traffic. Why and how to bet on these campaigns to develop yourself effectively? Stakes, operation and consequences: decryption of the SEA.SEA: definition and challenges The SEA for Search Engine Advertising, refers to the paid listing . You pay to advertise your products and / or services on the first pages of search engine results – Google, Bings, Yahoo, etc.

SEO vs SEA, what’s the difference? SEO , for Search Engine Optimization, refers to Kenya Phone Number List natural referencing. You are not paying for advertising, it is the “quality” of your website that gradually pushes it up in the search engine results. While SEA isn’t everything, it’s an integral part of your web marketing strategy .Be present in 1st position What link do you click when you search the web? Naturally, you tend to focus on the 1st results of the Google page. Like you, Internet users (consumers AND professionals) looking for information, a product or a service often do not go further than the first page of their search engine. And few are those to scroll to the bottom of the page …The CTR (click-through rate) of the link displayed at the top of the search results is almost 33%. The link in 2nd position obtains an already lower CTR (18%), and the rate decreases further for the following links.Out of 100 people who use the Google search engine, 91 click on a result of the 1st Thanks to the SEA – provided you bet the right price, on the right keywords – you “force” the display of the URL of your choice in the 1st results.

Example: you are an IT consultant, you buy the key phrase “IT consultant”. When a company needs IT services, it naturally fills in the keyword phrase on its search engine: the ad you have configured appears at the top of the results list. There is every chance that the business will click on the link, to be redirected to your site – and to contact you! propel your website in the first Google results Paid SEO: Instructions for a Successful Google Ads Campaign Google largely dominates the search engine market – over 90% of the market share. Solution n ° 1, Google Ads is to be favored for a SEA strategy with significant repercussions. Zoom on how it works. Google competes with advertisers on the basis of an auction system . Among the possible bidding strategies, depending on the objective of your campaign: Want to drive traffic to your site ? You must encourage clicks: use the auction system cost per click (CPC), automatic or manual. You set a daily budget, and Google displays your ad in a click-through fashion, within your budget.

Do you want to gain notoriety ? The more your ad appears at the top of the 1st page of Google results, the more often your prospects “see” your business. This enhanced visibility quickly establishes your notoriety. For this purpose, use cost-per-thousand impressions (CPM or vCPM) bidding. You are billed based on the number of times your ad is served. Do you need to increase your conversion rate ? Target Cost Per Action (Target CPA) is a smart bidding system that optimizes conversions within your budget. The budget allocated to your Google Ads campaign is of course decisive. But the quality level of your ad also … Google automatically measures your quality score, and tells you: The likelihood that the prospect will click on your ad (CTR);The quality of the message of the advertisement; The relevance of the keywords chosen in relation to the research intention of your prospects; The suitability of your landing page.

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