Big Data has revolutionized the world of sales. The data collected allows you to better address your prospects according to their level of maturity. But too much information can quickly overwhelm salespeople and hurt their productivity. Find out how Sales Enablement can improve your business processes and boost your sales. Sales Enablement: Definition and operation “Sales Enablement” refers to a set of several processes, tools and content made available to salespeople to sell more efficiently and on a regular basis. This methodology includes 3 main families of sales assistance:

Analysis of sales data Continuous optimization of the sales process Automation technologies Reporting and Data Analysis One of the axes of Sales Enablement is the reporting and analysis of your KPIs. The objective is therefore to define a standardized report within the Bahamas Phone Number List company in order to facilitate the monitoring of objectives and processes. The most commonly used are: Activities recorded by vendors Delivered product demos Offers won and lost Leads generated / worked These reports provide a quick overview of what is working and what is not. Standardizing reports helps increase business productivity without compromising that of the salesperson. Running reports doesn’t have to be time consuming, which is why it is best to use a CRM that will easily collect data in one place.

Improving sales processes The second principle of Sales Enablement is to align your marketing and sales teams with the same objectives in order to improve the experience of your prospects. Sometimes the marketing and sales departments have a hard time communicating and therefore working together. However, it is essential that the sales and marketing teams align harmoniously. To remedy these discrepancies: Clearly define the stages of your funnel and how the pre-sales funnel feeds the sales funnel. Set up a service-level agreement (SLA) that defines common goals and how success will be measured .Organize weekly meetings between the 2 teams. Get marketing to produce content that addresses sales objections by involving reps in defining topics to get content that really helps reps sell. Configure dashboards and reports so that the 2 teams mutually assess their progress Aligning your 2 teams, called smarketing , leads to better collaboration and thus better conversion rates. matically.

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