To carry out your marketing strategies and achieve your goals, there are key tools. Indispensable for setting up a B2B inbound marketing strategy , marketing automation is the solution to deploy within your company to boost the generation of inbound B2B leads. How can it help you get more business? What features to use, and how? How to choose your solution? We guide you! Marketing automation: definition The marketing automation is a process that can automate and industrialize, through tools, marketing campaigns , according to predefined scenarios. Among the most well-known features, we find for example the possibility of triggering email or SMS campaigns, depending on the behavior of a visitor on your website.

But this is obviously only the tip of Argentina Phone Number List iceberg! Because yes, marketing automation has many other advantages. Why set up a marketing automation tool? The objective of implementing a marketing automation strategy is above all to automate marketing actions based on the data available on visitors or prospects . In this sense, automation tools represent a considerable saving of time for the marketing teams (and therefore a saving of money). But above all, it is the efficiency of the marketing and sales departments that is affected. Marketing teams have a much clearer view of the journey of website visitors, and know exactly what service to offer them, when. Thanks to marketing automation and its scoring features , they can identify the most promising leads , and thus maximize conversion rates by addressing them in a personalized way. And the work does not stop there: when the marketing campaigns are launched, the automation tools make it possible to clearly know which prospect opened your email, who clicked it … This helps you to truly optimize all your campaigns, to be able to improve them little by little and make them more effective and impactful. Your company thus has solid weapons to understand: What areas to improve?

What messages convert prospects into customers? Which channels really work? / Which do not work? In short, marketing automation helps to optimize the lead generation tunnel and that of sales .How does a marketing automation tool work?Imagine  If you could find out what’s on the mind of a customer who comes to browse your website. If you could automatically submit content to him that corresponds exactly to what he is looking for and which in addition will strengthen his choice to direct him to your products or services. The good news is that marketing automation tools have been designed with this in mind. marketing-automation Tracking and scoring Thanks to the tracking tools, you analyze the actions of your visitors and you can then know if it is a cold, lukewarm or hot prospect depending on the pages he has visited, and the time he has spent on each of them. The goal? Give the prospect at the right time to the sales teams , as soon as he is “hot”, that is to say neither too early nor too late. Achieve segmentation through marketing automation Marketing automation allows you to segment your prospects. You can then send targeted messages and ads by email, taking into account your prospect’s level of progress in the sales funnel . You have the option of turning to those who, for example, have downloaded specific content, or to those who have simply viewed your services. Thus, you send them a perfectly targeted message , which has a real impact on them and you then build a personalized relationship.

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