What makes an ad effective and what makes your message stick? The truth is that it is not so much that it is viral or that it becomes a global milestone, but that your niche audiences in your main market understand what you are trying to say and stay with the message.

That is what can be concluded by analyzing which have been the most effective ads of 2019, a list that Warc has just published.Based on these data, the most effective campaign of the year was the one that Procter & Gamble China Phone Number List launched for its Tide detergent . It’s A Tide Ad was developed by Saatchi & Saatchi New York / Hearts & Science New York / MKTG New York. The campaign uses the platitudes of advertising and those that identify detergent (the sparkling clothes) to connect with the audience.The announcement doesn’t sound like a big deal, but the truth is that it had a very positive impact on the market. Sales increased 35% in the following two weeks, and post-air studies of the ad (one of the SuperBowl hiatus) noted that it had been the most loved brand of all that had been advertised.The next most effective campaigns, according to Warc data , were one by the Hiroshima tourism office, which sought to increase oyster consumption, and one by the National Safety Council raising awareness of opioid overdoses in the United States.

The list of the most effective campaigns is completed by campaigns from all over the world, with a prominent presence of campaigns in Asia.The brands with the most effective campaigns Beyond the specific ads and their effectiveness, the study also analyzes in a general way which campaigns have been the most efficient with their advertising. The analysis studies the effectiveness of their campaigns in general, starting with the campaigns with the most awards for this matter.The big winner is McDonald’s , which is positioned as the most effective brand displacing Coca-Cola , which it was last year. Their global marketer recognizes, based on Warc data, that effectiveness is what they are most concerned about.

“In an industry often focused on the short term, this adds a long-term sense of value to what our marketers do,” says Colin Mitchell, the company’s senior vice president of global marketing.Interestingly, McDonald’s has only made one of its campaigns, The McDelivery Pin, in the top 100 of the year on Warc’s listings. Does not matter. The results have been effective in their most local campaigns, which has made them more effective in the final count.After McDonald’s, Coca-Cola and Ikea are positioned . The fourth brand is KFC , which climbs from the 41st position it occupied the previous year. Vodafone, Burger King, Tide, Xbox, Hiroshima Tourism and the National Safety Council round out the top ten.

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