Interface Webmecanik Webmecanik offers a clean interface with few colors, with smooth navigation. The solution is distinguished by its ease of use and the sobriety of its dashboard. PleziA strong point of the solution, Plezi’s clean and modern interface offers an excellent user experience. Navigation is both fluid and intuitive. In addition, user feedback is taken into account in order to regularly improve ergonomics. Features of  Webmecanik and Plezi Webmecanik Webmecanik offers all the essential features of a marketing automation solution: Campaign generator Management of automated scenarios (workflow) Creating progressive forms Forms managemen Landing pages edition Scoring management Lead nurturing Multichannel communication: email, SMS, web and mobile notifications, pop-up, tweet Reporting & analysis CRM integration Lead managementIn addition, there are some additional features such as:

Account Based Management (ABM): this feature allows you to track the grouped activity of contacts, whether anonymous or not, belonging to the same company. You can thus carry out targeted approaches towards the leads of a company.The advantages of Afghanistan Phone Number List One of the main advantages of Webmecanik is that it is open source software. Open source offers the advantage of having a stable and constantly evolving tool to meet market needs. Webmecanik also offers an Academy for training in web marketing. On the program: face-to-face classes, video lessons, quizzes and challenges. Cons of Webmecanik Unfortunately, Webmecanik does not provide the possibility to use the techniques of viral marketing on social networks. PleziPlezi has all the essential features to easily carry out marketing automation campaigns: Campaign management Content management (segment, centralize, analyze) Management of automated scenarios (workflow) Smart forms Smart campaign Social media management Automated newsletters CRM integration The advantages of Plezi Plezi allows you to create an intelligent campaign in order to set up lead nurturing very quickly. It is also a 100% French tool. The support service, based in France, is very available and responsive.

Training as well as many resources are accessible through the Happy Academy.Cons of PleziThe marketing calendar is not visual enough and does not allow you to see the programmed actions all at once. This functionality is however about to evolve. Integration with external tools Webmecanik What would a marketing automation tool be without the integration of external applications? Webmecanik allows to include many solutions such as: Go To solutions GmailLivestorm Hubspot CRMPipedrive Prestashop SalesforceMail Chimp Outlook Zoho TwitterSugar CRMSellsy Woocommerce, etc.Of course, it is also possible to use Zapier.Since this is OpenSource software, the increase in the number of contributors allows for more integrations. An undeniable advantage in the long term.PleziPlezi does more than just pair up with external tools. It mainly offers two-way integrations with the main CRMs on the market such as Salesforce, Hubspot CRM, Pipedrive, Zoho, Sellsy, Microsoft Dynamics 365, etc.This feature allows information to be automatically synchronized and updated between Plezi and the CRM.Just like Webmecanik, Plezi also offers the integration of external tools via Zappier.Do you want to be supported in the choice and implementation of your marketing automation solution?

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