In the long list of elements that are being valued as a possible solution to the fatigue of consumers in advertising terms and the fact that they see less and less advertising and receive it in a worse grade, in recent times the ads of shorter duration have appeared . Instead of going for the traditional format, they have started to experiment with much shorter ads that make it so that consumers don’t feel like they are being bombarded with endless advertising.The format took off online, becoming the big emerging star in online video advertising (especially when it started to become the approved format when you wanted to launch advertising without a ‘skip this ad’ button on platforms such as YouTube).But the format did not remain only on the internet and brands and companies have also begun to test the results that they could achieve with it on other platforms. The ad reached television , when US networks began to experiment with the advertising format and to use it as a call element for large advertisers. So it was sold to them as an advertising format that would allow them to connect much better with young people.In general, the six-second ad was seen as a response to the crisis of the usual ad.

Studies on ad duration had shown Indonesia WhatsApp Number List that a 15 second ad could be as effective as a 30 second one, opening the way for the arrival of new ad formats. Advertising works even if it is shorter, as long as advertisers understand that they have to build their story in a different way.The passage of time could also have made even clearer the need to position ourselves in a much clearer way in this area and to further incentivize this type of advertisements. So much so that there are those who already see that the coming months will be a time of growth and expansion of the short-lived ad.The future of the short adAs they explain in an analysis in Warc, more and more advertisers are paying more attention to the format and are starting to use it more (television included).

But this greater attention to the format and to this type of ads also implies readjusting what is done and how it is done. As they point out in the conclusion of the analysis, brands and their marketers have to be able to understand that they also have to change the execution of the ad and that they have to make sure that in those seconds they are achieving the same results and betting on the same results. key points they want to highlight.In reality, advertisers have to take into account what they have learned from making longer ads (focus on key points, use good storytelling, etc.) to create a solid story that will connect with the audience.The future of short-term ads is therefore very positive.

As one Warc analytics expert points out, they are expected to become an incredible opportunity for marketers and advertising managers in the next 12 to 18 months. In other words, in a year / year and a half there will be an explosion of this advertising format. The fact that they are increasingly common on the internet has made consumers more receptive to them in other settings as well.For consumers, if well executed, a short ad provides the same in terms of information and connection to the brand as a longer ad. As demonstrated in a study conducted by Phoenix MI on a sample of 38,000 adults who saw short-term television commercials, they achieve the same data in recall of the advertisement or of the brand or in connection with the brand that they can get other commercials of longer duration.

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