This enables marketers to not only understand how interested a potential customer is, but to contact them at the time when they are most inclined to make the purchase decision. For example, a sudden turn for the worse in the weather can have a critical impact when someone has been searching for weeks without much determination to book their vacation. That change in the weather can turn you from a “prospect” to a customer. Retargeting with proprietary data can be seen as a performance driver even when used in a simple way, which is why many marketers still show strong confidence in it. However, if your own data is not triggered effectively, a large part of this retargeting investment is wasted on potential customers with no real interest. They are customers whose behavior indicates a purchase intention that does not really exist or, worse still, that they have already become a conversion. Combining this data with a real-time assessment of the user and context is the best solution. It is what is known as Moment Scoring.

It is crucial that advertisers are able to Czech Republic Email List use  their own data to identify links that could not be detected by intuition to ensure that the ads are shown at the best possible time. This can include more than 11 million behavioral, contextual and demographic attributes. And it is that segmentation is not only influenced by location, time of day, website and current device. You also have to take into account recent elements, such as the ads you clicked on and the websites you visited that day, as well as long-term factors such as browsing habits, shopping behavior and interests. All of this is just as crucial in determining the chances of a customer taking the desired marketing action. That means being able to see the channel,

Using your own data in this way offers a tremendous ROI advantage by reaching consumers at the right time of opportunity, when an ad can have the greatest impact. Not only does it identify people who have not made a purchase before, but it targets individuals based on their purchase history to establish contact with them at the right time in the purchase cycle of your product. For example, recent studies that we have carried out show that when it comes to booking vacations, on average, Spaniards do so 31 days in advance, compared to 49 days for Germans, 54 for French and French. 39 of the Americans, but before the British (29 days) or Italians (30 days).

Own data offers a wealth of opportunities for marketers. But it is crucial to combine it effectively with data from machine learning, behavior, context and third parties in an intelligent way. Only by combining a large amount of information can every potential moment of customer attraction be constantly exploited. This means that each opportunity has the benefit of learning from each previous opportunity. And we believe that it is the best way to get optimal performance from your marketing campaigns.


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