A little over 2 years ago, TikTok, the short video platform, burst into Europe with a clear goal: to create a global and diverse community that speaks freely about what they love the most, inspiring creativity and having fun. After this time in which we have been participants in an authentic revolution, with creativity at the base, brands have been gaining prominence in the TikTok experience, either by creating new trends and connecting communities. Without a doubt, brands are increasingly integrated into TikTok, embracing the creative spirit of the platform and offering users a new way to discover and engage with the products they love.Brands, through TikTok For Business , can reach massive and diverse audiences, having a cultural impact that, in many cases, goes beyond the short video platform. In this new way of reaching users, creativity is key, since it is the way in which our users express themselves, create new trends and integrate into the community.

But what really is TikTok for Business? It is the global platform that houses different marketing Sri Lanka Email Database solutions, current and future, for companies. It signifies a new approach to advertising formats that we know today. All of them designed to provide brands, and marketers, with the effective way to be part of and engage the TikTok community, connecting a very diverse audience with your message and shaping contemporary culture inside and outside the world. screen.”We always want brands to be part of our community and that is achieved not by thinking as advertisers, but by acting as creators, taking advantage of the originality of our users in the space where they feel comfortable.

That is why we always insist: ‘Do not make advertisements, make TikToks ‘ “, says Adriano Accardo, Director of TikTok Global Business Solutions for Southern Europe. “Successful brands on TikTok do not advertise, but rather connect, inspire, co-create and above all entertain their audience to reach them in a much more effective way,” he concludes.TikTok for Business was born from the desire to be a different form of advertising: a completely new opportunity to create content that speaks to people, inviting the community to join the conversation, through videos that reflect the positive and creative spirit that defines to TikTok.

To achieve the objective of reaching the community in a natural way and helping to fulfill its objectives, creating a unique story capable of entertaining, TikTok offers different innovative solutions: TopView – Grabs the attention of all TikTok users the moment they open the app with a full-screen video. This format guarantees millions of views in just 24 hours and achieves fantastic brand awareness results. The length of the video can be between 5 and 60 seconds and users can interact with the content.TopView Lite – With the same features as TopView, this silent format captures attention in as little as 5 seconds.

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