In the past two years, we can clearly notice that ticket prices for performances such as live. Houses and music festivals have been increasing. According to the “2021 National Performance Market Annual Report” released by the China Performance Industry Association in April 2022. The average ticket price of the National Music Festival in 2021 will be as high as 660 yuan. A few years ago, as long as the pre-sale price was 80 yuan, we could hear new pants, Wanqing, and hedgehog at the Wuhan Strawberry Music Festival, but this year have become common numbers on the price list of music festivals. What makes domestic music lovers even more aggrieved is that foreign epidemics are rampant, but they can still enjoy “unbelievable” cabbage prices. In June, the ticket for the “Dream Concert” performed by the TOP male and female group in Korea is equivalent to .

The decline of the music scene, the more expensive the ticket price?

In 2009, on the edge of the West Lake during the Dragon Boat Festival, for the first time, I spent a huge sum of 200 yuan to buy a two-day performance package. Last year, Lao Lang, Wan   other big names came. I saw him so close, and he was facing me on the stage, less than 10 meters away. The feeling of frenzy and no distance made me feel the USA Phone Number uniqueness and shock of live music, a kind of excitement The emotions continued. A few years ago, I went to Xi’an Strawberry Music Festival with my girlfriends, and saw the best performance of the festival: Old Wolf and his band Moreover, in the previous music festivals, one or two hundred can watch several performances, and most of them feel that it is worth the money after the whole process, so they choose to go if they have the opportunity.

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Why does the ticket price step on the “accelerator” without braking?

However , the music festival has changed since then. In terms of price. It took nearly five years to go from 100 yuan a day to 200 yuan a day. But it took only one year to go from 200 yuan a day to 500 yuan a day. And now it has reached a high price of thousands of yuan. While the price has risen, the experience has not achieved a B2B Lead corresponding increase. When the once high-spirited and talented folk or rock singers gradually disappear in the music festival. They are replaced by some strange faces, and the soul of the music festival is declining. This is precisely one of the reasons why music festivals become more expensive. When idols enter the venue, the ticket price goes up.


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