Master in Digital Marketing Management – UPF-BSM Acquire specialized knowledge to manage the digital marketing of your organization. IMF Business School · Masters in Marketing and Digital Communication Online or in person · Double degree · Up to 70% scholarship · Job and internship exchange In my almost 20 years of marketing marketing with large corporations, I have seen many small and medium-sized companies, many of them IT integrators, trying by all means to get on their vendors’ campaigns. On many occasions I have heard from these companies that marketing is beyond their means; many times they are left watching how others do marketing and position their brands. Beyond the big budgets and ‘possibilities’, the experts and the thousands of techniques, procedures and methodologies are creativity, initiative and a lot of common sense. Creativity, initiative, common sense and a little time can lead any entrepreneur to position his company, you just have to follow three basic rules: Focus all your efforts on your current and potential clients.

Many of the Malaysia Email List technologies are being made available to medium and small companies in their Cloud modality, which opens up a universe of opportunities; But it is important to consider that technologies such as CRM, business intelligence (BI) and IT managed services, among many others, have historically been niche solutions traditionally used by large corporations given the high implementation costs and infrastructure requirements. , in addition to an infinite number of modules and characteristics that have made them alien to smaller organizations and make SME entrepreneurs feel like children wearing Daddy’s coat. It is essential to make entrepreneurs see these solutions within the reach of their budgets and that they know the utility and benefits that they can obtain, always within their own and unique operational universe. Why would this or that company want to buy what I offer? Why me, and not another provider? What makes me different from others? Answering these questions objectively is having the ability to see and analyze the businesses you plan to approach. The marketing strategy is always focused one hundred percent on the client, their needs and objectives. A clear example of customer focus is demonstrated by the Sports World company, which involves its customers in decisions related to gym hours and services.

Through simple surveys, customers are free to respond, whether or not they take advantage of the opportunity to be part of the organization’s decisions. Be obsessive about your brand. Suppliers go to great lengths to position their brands, and it is a big mistake to think that an integrator is positioned by the brands they distribute. How big is the distribution channel for companies like Microsoft, Cisco, Symantec, Dell or Oracle? Even that of medium-sized providers like Citrix, MicroStrategy or Kaseya. How many integration companies or solution providers resell one or more of these brands? This brings us back to the question: What makes me different from others? I had the opportunity to carry out the case study of an integrating company in Mexico, a perfect example for this issue of brand positioning. ISO Tecnología was founded and is led by José Jaramillo Vázquez. At ISO Tecnología, they integrate technology products and services using prestigious brands, apparently the same as many other IT integrators, but from the installation and start-up they provide the full range of infrastructure management, support and maintenance services. .José Jaramillo, created the brand “VITS” for these services, so he sells VITS, delivers VITS. Clients live VITS, see their results. ISO Tecnología is completely free to select and change the tools to operate it without compromising its quality or positioning. This positions the ISO Technology / VITS binomial and differentiates it from other integrators.

The creation of products and services with their own name and image are a fundamental element in the marketing strategy and differentiation from competitors. The quality and name of the products that are resold are a positive support; But the services that your company provides bear your stamp, it is convenient to give them a name and an image that are remembered by customers. Promote your main benefits and differentiators Current technologies allow companies of all sizes to have access to diverse and useful tools for promoting their products and services at very accessible prices and even for free. Once again creativity and common sense, focus, message and an attractive image are essential for success. The first step is to define the message that you will bring to your clients and prospects, this message – text and image will form your brand. Also define the messages that describe your company, your brand and the main benefits it offers. Remember the approach Why should prospects and consumers prefer my brand over my competitors? What makes me different from others? Your company’s messages are derived from your response to these questions.

Pay special attention to your company’s website, make sure it is placed in the first positions in the searches, link your website with your social networks, participate in groups, keep them active; execute approach strategies to your target markets; hire advertising on the internet, it is much more economical and effective than print. Deliver personalized, strategic emails to your prospects accompanied by a phone call. Avoid sending mass emails, it is a tool that has been used indiscriminately and is more likely to take your brand directly to the spam tray and your domain to blacklists. Develop a mobile strategy from your website. Put your company within reach of your clients and prospects at any time and from anywhere.

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