Now that we have entered the new normal and the post-coronavirus world, the time has not only come to take stock of what has happened in recent months but also to estimate what the year ahead and the year ahead will be like. Brands and companies need to know what the post-coronavirus world will be like and how things will change for them. Understanding which agenda will mark your decisions is crucial, because with this you will be able to take the most appropriate path to survive the challenges of the future.In the advertising market, the impact is expected to be very strong in some niches, such as outdoor advertising and traditional media. But what will change in digital advertising and what should marketers know about the decisions they need to make in the online market?From the outset, it could be said that, no matter what happens, the digital environment will continue to be operational and be very important for consumers, which means that if digital advertising was already important before the crisis, it was more so during and more so it will be. after her.

Some consumers still feel a certain resentment at the idea of ​​going shopping in physical stores, for example, and they continue to prefer online purchases, which means Guam Email Lists that it is still necessary to attract them online.To this we must add that we continue to consume a lot of content on the Internet and that we spend many hours connected. If that’s where the eyes of consumers are, that’s where the ads should be.They are not the only elements that will mark the agenda in digital advertising in the post coronavirus world. An analysis in TNW provides two key points to consider about what digital ads will be like in the remainder of the year.The end of the year won’t be “so” badOne of the great fears of the industry was, in recent months, that 2020 would become a lost year.

After all, the start of the year was being very negative due to the decline in investment that the corona virus was generating and advertisers were already making adjustments in their advertising investments. If you add to that the fact that the great engines of advertising investment planned for the year, such as the Olympic Games, were being canceled, you have the complete picture.But, although the forecasts for the year in general are being lowered in general, there is still some optimism about the second half of the year and what will happen with it. As they explain in the analysis, it is not an exaggerated optimism and there are several reasons that justify it.In the first place, the investment has moved on dates. That is, many advertisers have shifted their advertising campaigns and left what they expected to move at the beginning until the end of the year.

It’s not that they completely canceled their ad spend, but that they paused it, waiting for a better time. And that best time could be the second half of the year.And, secondly, analysts believe that, although the health crisis may repeat itself in the second half of the year, the reality will not be the same as we have experienced in recent months. If there is a second wave of the disease in the fall winter, companies will already have a contingency forecast, since large companies are already making plans with that possibility in mind. Thus, digital advertising will have activity during the close of the year almost, as they point out in the analysis, yes or yes.

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