All connected devices become a potential source of data, since they are always hooked to the network and since they can provide information at all times.For companies, they have positioned themselves as a new way to get to know their consumers and to access information about them, what they are like and what they want. For the industry, in addition, they have been positioned as new potential scenarios for advertising.

They can be spaces to serve new Japan Phone Number List ad formats and new formats that are based on data and, therefore, that information available about consumers.The potential for new spaces for advertising is very high and already reaches many areas. One of them is smart televisions, which also opens the door to a new advertising format in a space in which the traditional format has fallen into decline.Traditional television is losing its audience and its ads are losing its audience. That is not exactly to say that consumers are not watching TV.

They do see content on their television (and on other screens) but they are not exactly the content broadcast by TV channels. They watch content on demand and use the new tools available to access different services from their TV.But smart TVs are connected spaces, and therefore with the potential to collect data, and that can become new scenarios for new advertising formats.The HbbTV-TA formatThat is what they are looking for with HbbTV-TA, the technological format that they will use to serve advertising on connected televisions (and here a television that uses DTT already is).

The advertising format is integrated into the HbbTV standard, which is the one used by digital televisions so that their users can view content broadcast days ago. It is the format behind the rewind and on-demand services of televisions, which allow access to a cloud of past content and return to that point that we lost at that time. Now, what it also allows is to introduce advertising, ads that are fresh (they adjust to the moment they are seen) and that are, as they remember in ADSL Zone , interactive.The ads also have a very high potential in terms of rationalization, although they are not yet being fully exploited. Technology makes it possible to segment what and who sees, based on their interests and previous behavior in content consumption.

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