The main objective of marketing and advertising is to sell: its appeal is in the now. The messages must connect with the public that receives them and transmit them the necessary hooks so that they are convinced of the benefits of a product or service.However, marketing and advertising have a function beyond that as time passes. Anyone who has had to do research on everyday life in another era knows the power of advertisements to understand how things were. Advertising is like a kind of amber piece of everyday life: every time some subway works discover forgotten advertisements from other times they show it.

A couple of years ago, the Bolivia Email List Casa do Infante, one of the showrooms in the city of Porto, Portugal, organized an exhibition that, precisely, traced the history of the city from the posters of its stores. In addition to vintage photos of the shops and everyday items, such as scales or counters, the exhibition also allowed us to follow the history of the city by looking at the marketing elements that the stores had used. Identification wrapping paper, logos and, above all, signs and posters functioned as a guide to understand the evolution of urban history.

Of course, these materials had not been designed to be in a museum or for something more than what they were then looking for – to capture the attention of the consumer and convert it – but the passage of the years had turned them into exhibition pieces. They not only allowed us to see how design had evolved, but also how consumers and the society in which they moved had done it.Fortunately, this exhibition has not been the only one of its kind. Madrid welcomes these days and until the end of June the exhibition It is sold here. Madrid trade through advertising posters (1870-1960) .

What they select is the billboards, the outdoor advertising elements that were used during the period analyzed. Some of these posters are the fruit of the work of artists such as Josep Renau, Federico Ribas or Zsolt, but regardless of who made them, what is relevant is what they tell about the concerns and desires of their times. These posters are now social history.

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