2020 was a rare year for the film industry. The coronavirus pandemic has forced consumers to stay in their homes for a long time or reduced mobility and activity in spaces with high concentrations of people. For the film industry, this has been a real disaster in terms of activity.Theaters have been closed in many countries or have had very low attendance. The film industry has had to take its big premieres to the streaming universe, trying new models (which has served to give the final touch to the commercialization window model), or they have postponed their big titles waiting for better dates. This is what has happened, for example, with the latest James Bond movie.This situation has not only affected film production companies and the distribution channel, but has also had an effect on many other issues. For the film awards season in which we now find ourselves (the Oscars are just around the corner), the situation has led us to think about things in a different way.Perhaps the films that are dominating awards season right now would not have had the margin or power to stand out (for example, one of the VoD platforms is more likely this year to win some major awards).

It is also being so in terms of the box office. The most important films that have triumphed the most in the last year are a somewhat surprising list.And, of course, all of this has had a direct impact on marketing issues. Movies Democratic Republic Of the Congo Email List are important engines of brand positioning: product placement is crucial and very valuable, but all the ups and downs of the last year have impacted on how those products are served. You just have to think about the James Bond movie: the collateral damage of its delays in the forecast of arrival to the screens is in its agreements with brands. The products that they included in their product placement actions have become outdated and even obsolete. They are no longer the great product they wanted to sell at the time.It has also meant that the big winners in product placement and the films that have been most profitable for brands are not exactly what they were perhaps thought to be when the awards season was closing a year ago.

Only 6 hits do not include marksA study by Concave Brand Tracking has analyzed which brands have appeared in the 50 most viewed movies in the last year (the data is at the end of 2020) and what presence the brands had in them. Given that this has been the year of the coronavirus, box office success has been measured by looking at data from cinemas and households.The overwhelming majority of those movies included brands: of the 50 most popular movies, 44 include a reference to at least one brand. Only six ( Enola Holmes, Hamilton, Mulan, Dolittle, Trolls 2 – World Tour and The Willoughby Brothers ) are brand-free.The presence of brands in the other films has been very profitable: it has supposed – measuring the viewing data and conversions with a deadline of February of this year – a return of 900 million dollars in advertising value. That’s the total number, although not all have been equally profitable. Some films have had a brand value impact of tens of millions of dollars.

The most profitable films of the last year in product placementThe most profitable film in terms of product placement of 2020 has been Bad Boys for Life , the third installment in a series of police films. It was one of the top box office films globally in a difficult year and one of the highest rated. Also one full of brands and with a very high return for them.The brands appear in an hour of the entire film duration, they are more than 80 and achieved an impact of value of 90 million dollars. The company for which this film has been the most profitable has been Porsche, with an impact of 7.5 million dollars.The next most profitable movie for brands was another action-cop movie, this time from Netflix. Spenser Confidential was the second most viewed movie of the year on the VoD platform and achieved a value for brands at display of $ 85 million.

Chevrolet, Ford and Buick are the brands that have achieved the best return on their presence in this film (they are also among the brands that have achieved the best overall returns on film product placement). In total, the brands present on the screen were around 100.The third most profitable film for brands has been The Gentlemen: The Lords of the Mafia . It was, they recall in the study, the last title that slipped globally as a film premiere before the outbreak of the coronavirus crisis. The value it had for the brands (about 70) was 69 million dollars.

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