Tourism is one of the key pieces of the Spanish economy and one of those that has been most affected by the stoppage linked to confinement by the coronavirus.At the end of 2019, the latest accounts of the National Institute of Statistics already indicated that tourism contributed 12.3% to the GDP of Spain, a little more than it added in previous years. In the labor market, tourism accounted for 12.7% of all Spanish employees. Estimates by Simon-Kucher & Partners on the impact of the pandemic on the sector already suggest that between 70,000 and 80,000 million euros will be lost in tourism revenue in Spain, which will cause GDP to fall by 5.3%.Therefore, from the industry, requests are already being made related to the future of the sector and, from public bodies, studies and analyzes are being made on the state of things and talking about plans to revive the market once everything passes. Tourism marketing can become an ally to better position things when that happens.At the end of the day, although you cannot announce visits to destinations (your clients cannot come to see you), you can do a job of positioning the brand image and one of emotional connection with customers.Some country brands began to do so from practically zero minute. The campaign of Visit Portugal, the Portuguese tourism organization, is a perfect example. It appeared already in March, insisted that we stay in our houses and remembered that its tourist areas were still there.

In the days of the coronavirus, you could do tourism marketing , pioneers pointed out.A study St. Pierre and Miquelon Email List by Inturea recently pointed out that tourism brands should continue to do marketing, especially considering that the use of social networks has risen these days and that consumers dream of the moment when they are out of their homes.How is Spanish tourism selling these days? Turespaña has just launched a special campaign on social networks. The idea is similar to the one that is dominating the tourism marketing strategy during these weeks. The campaign focuses on the emotional, on the idea that you stay at home and that when everything is over you can return to those dreamed spaces.It does so under the slogan Spain awaits you.

According to the Minister of Industry, Trade and Tourism, Reyes Maroto, and as stated by Europa Press, Spain needs to reposition itself in the global tourism market and convey the idea that it is a safe destination.More campaigns that remind you of when it’s all overIn addition to the general Turespaña campaign, some more specific destinations from a geographical point of view have also launched their own campaigns.The Cabildo de Tenerife has launched a campaign under the logo of Volveremos, designed for the national market at first and then exported to several countries, which tries to remember that the situation is transitory and that when everything is over, you can return to the tourist destination.

It is, as the Ministry of Tourism pointed out in the regional press a few days ago, a “message of hope.”Something similar has launched the Tourist Board of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria, with the idea that “each day that passes is one less day to return to normal.” Its objective is to reach the domestic market, because it is the one that is most likely to return to the destination more quickly.The Cádiz Provincial Council has also launched a video campaign on social networks, focusing on real stories that connect with the place. Mallorca is another destination that has created its special video, trying to reach the international market.

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