This year the auditorium of the Ciudad de la Luz Film School has been the place chosen for the celebration of Publicity Day, which has had Toni Segarra as a luxury guest. The recognized and award-winning publicist, along with Sergio Rodríguez and Pablo Vizcaíno, have been some of the protagonists of this event organized by 361º, the Association of Advertising Companies of the Province of Alicante, which has brought together almost 250 publicists, students and businessmen . An unmissable annual event for agencies and brands in the province, in which advertising and creativity join forces to the delight of professionals in the sector.Under the title ‘Cita con?’, The day began with an interesting dialogue between Sergio Rodríguez, founder of the Center for Advertising Documentation, and Andrés Karp, president of the Association 361º. During the conversation they talked about the profession of publicist at this time, about the important work of the Center for Advertising Documentation and about Rodríguez’s latest book entitled ‘MMLB. We the persuaders. ‘Then it was the turn of Toni Segarra, considered the best Spanish creative of the 20th century, according to a survey carried out among the profession by the magazine Ads. In his speech, he stressed that “there is no brand advertising or product advertising. There is advertising to sell.” He has also given some advice to young people who are starting in the sector and has spoken of the attitude, skills and training that he believes a good publicist should have.

Later, a round table was started which, in addition to these three previous guests, were joined Germany WhatsApp Number List by Adelaida Valero, managing director of Induze, and Lucía de la Vega, executive director and planner of Gettingbetter Creative Studio. Together they have been reeling off some of the most current issues in the advertising sector under the title ‘Illustrious ignorant people’. And there have been talks about different types of advertising: inclusive, sexist, tacky and advertising coupled with artificial intelligence.After the coffee break, Sergio Rodríguez explained to the audience ‘The history of Advertising’. During his presentation, he emphasized the importance of the Advertising Documentation Center and the need to maintain the historical memory of this sector.Next, it was Pablo Vizcaíno’s turn, who under the title ‘Stories in Advertising’ spoke about storytelling and about the inexistence of new trends.

During his speech he explained how the trends in the advertising field have been repeated in a cyclical way during the last decades.Finally, the celebration has ended with the traditional annual meal of the Alicante sector. The Association of Advertising Companies of the Province of Alicante has wanted to turn Advertising Day into a day of celebration and meeting with the profession.The protagonists of the dayToni SegarraHe is the only Spaniard on Shots magazine’s 100 top creative minds list. According to a survey carried out by the magazine Announcements among the profession, Toni Segarra is the best Spanish creative of the 20th century. In May 2009 the Espasa publishing house published its first and so far only book: “From the other side of the showcase”, a selection of his reflections on the trade.

Sergio RodriguezA regular columnist in magazines in the sector, he has written four advertising books, “Search, compare and, if you find a better book, buy it!”, “Lottusse, the journey of a passion”, “Advertising communication in the Balearic Islands” and ” MMLB. We the persuaders. ” He currently teaches the subject of History of Advertising in the Master of Advertising Management at JWT and the Completeness University of Madrid.Pablo Vindicator-AlcantudAssociate professor at the University of Alicante, University of Castilla-La Mancha and Antonio de Nebrija University, as well as a collaborating professor in a few other places. He is also a freelance copywriter and a Ph.D. in Advertising. Write ads, do brand research, and reflect on all of the above. A restless mind, a tireless, entrepreneurial and proactive worker who does not stop learning and creating.

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