Fernando Calderon Tailor Head of the Department of Communication and Social Media Manager in the Vallisoletana Confederation Master in Strategy and Creative Brand Management – UPF-BSM Learn to conceptualize a brand and define its creative and communication strategy. ACL Direct Promo · We know about Relationship Marketing We are experts in loyalty and incentives · We like to create unique experiences SMEs and entrepreneurs are going through a series of problems that often mean that they are not present in social networks or that their presence is not optimal, since they are looking for immediate results, something that does not occur in Social Media. The current economic situation, the excessive bureaucracy in the administrations that causes that in practically all SMEs there must be a person working for the administration, the uncollected bills, the drop in consumption and the existence of many entrepreneurs without vocation, who are Self-employed forced by the lack of work, are some of the problems why small and medium-sized companies and entrepreneurs are not knowing how to take advantage of these tools. Why?

The answer is obvious, in this situation they are Serbia Email List concerned about two things: selling and immediate results in all the actions they take. For this reason, these companies do not carry out a prior analysis identifying in which social networks their product or service fits best, they do not plan a strategy in these channels, they forget the fact that the public is not on social networks with the aim of buying, if Not that they are on these channels to communicate with their family and friends, seek information of interest, for entertainment or to make new contacts, they do not have the opinion and advice of professionals, nor do they train the people on whom the responsibility of the management of these tools, not being aware of the scope that misuse of them may have and of course they do not measure results beyond what comes into the box. On the contrary, there are companies that, aware of the importance of social networks, try to train by attending events on the subject. In all the events aimed at companies, they are explained that social networks are a channel in which to publicize the company, in which the company can offer a more human and close image, where you have to interact with the followers by offering them content that are of interest to you, from where we will get very valuable and first-hand information that will allow the organization to improve products, services or processes, where you cannot dedicate yourself to being a spammer because we would achieve the opposite effect, etc. And these companies when they leave these events, they leave convinced that this is how it should be or if not, it is better not to be. The problem is that on almost all occasions they do not go down to the field, ignoring that part of the public that attends these events, and as we were able to verify by the data published by the INE a few days ago, in many cases it does not have a corporate website Or, what is more serious, it does not use tools as basic as email to communicate with customers and suppliers.

Obviously this type of SME does not understand what they are really talking about, even thinking that by opening a page on Facebook, which sometimes they do not know how to do it, they can replace a corporate website of the organization. On the contrary, those who apply what they have learned and enter Social Networks, make the mistake of not assigning this responsibility to the marketing or communication department, the department on whom it should depend since we are talking about communication channels. This responsibility placed in the hands of a commercial department, experience tells us that sooner or later they end up spamming through them.The whole situation described, from my point of view, may be one of the fundamental causes why SMEs and small entrepreneurs are not knowing how to use and take advantage of these tools by which they could obtain important results for their organizations and for the image of your brand on the Internet.

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