For many years, the income generated by YouTube did not appear broken down in Google accounts and analysts made guesses and estimates. YouTube, given the online video boom, had to be a fabulous company, a golden goose. When the actual figures that the platform moved a year ago were known, things turned out to be less glorious than previously thought .In fact, the data started analysts to consider whether a YouTube bubble of sorts had actually been created, as total revenue was not as high as expected. Analytics firms like eMarketer chilled their forecasts about the video platform.

But although all this happened Central African Republic Email List a year ago now, in the world of the coronavirus pandemic it is as if centuries have passed. Things have little to do now with how they were a year ago and the context that generated the pandemic has changed the relationship dynamics and economic data.Consumers altered their behavior patterns, and what became the most desired and sought-after item in advertising has not necessarily been what analysts thought it would be early last year. The future projections made remained a dead letter and there is nothing better to understand than the fate of YouTube.

Locked up in their homes, consumers have taken refuge in entertainment. That is what made the last year the golden age of streaming services, which gained subscribers by the handful, but also for online video platforms, which multiplied their pull. Advertisers opted for online video as a space for their messages and, of that cast, YouTube and Facebook took most of the cake.The YouTube-specific data, just released now, demonstrates this trend: YouTube’s golden age is just beginning.

How much are YouTube accounts? The platform has risen significantly compared to the same period last year. YouTube’s ad revenue in the first quarter of this year was above $ 6 billion. This, as explained in The Hollywood Reporter, represents a growth of about 50% compared to the income of the same period of the previous year, when it closed with 4,000 million dollars, but also an increase in the power of YouTube.Growth is still very high, even though pandemic fatigue has meant that things are not exactly the same as in the first months of the crisis (people are, in the end, tired of being at home), because the activity of use of the platform is also. Google already defends, for example, that more people between the ages of 18 and 49 watch content on YouTube than on linear television.

This means that YouTube is an increasingly heavy weight in the advertising universe, that it competes much more with television for advertising revenue and that its weight in the negotiations with the universe of connected television – where its other competitors are. – be older.In addition, it also positions YouTube in a position of strength compared to other Google assets. As recalled in Warc, YouTube’s year-on-year growth in advertising revenue far exceeds that of Google’s other advertising areas. The 48.7% growth of YouTube is higher than the 30.2% of Google Network Members and 30.1% of the search advertising.

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