With the Christmas campaign comes the avalanche of thematic ads: as in other times of consumption of the year, Christmas also has its own advertising codes and its own elements to capture the attention of consumers and transmit their messages.Traditionally, Christmas ads appealed to family life (there is the famous “come home, come back, for Christmas” by Delaviuda), the connection with others (there are even ads that park brand wars because it is Christmas) and the elements that make us want to cry.

However, in recent years, the Rwanda Email List emotional Christmas announcement and the quest for tears had gone into crisis. Consumers believed it less and were somewhat numb to the emotional Christmas ad.In the year of the coronavirus, nothing is as it was expected to be and nothing is either as usual – years ago or in the months before the outbreak of the pandemic – was. Therefore, brands have had to fly without an autopilot to determine what to do with Christmas campaigns. It was pretty clear that they couldn’t avoid the Christmas announcement, but also that there were no clear rules on what to do and what not to do. What should the Christmas ad look like? Nobody knew very well.

To all this had to be added the budgetary problems derived from the post-covid cuts (which affected even the heavyweights of the Christmas announcement, the British advertisers) and those of production (how to record while maintaining social distance and security a familiar and endearing Christmas announcement).Come November the announcements are here, from the first Christmas announcements and pioneers to the most emblematic of all the years. By looking at all the featured Christmas ads that have been released, certain conclusions can be drawn about what brands have bet on and what resources are being used to connect with audiences.Advertisers have repeated this year the appeal of opting for a famous director.

This is what Coca-Cola has done with Taika Waititi or Suchard with Daniel Sánchez Aparicio. Also this year we are seeing more animation products (beyond the Kevin carrot from Aldi of already every year). Beyond those points, these are the big thematic trends.The endearing advertisement as a key to reaching the audienceChristmas commercials have traditionally chosen to use endearing elements, lo cuqui, to connect with viewers. It is a propitious time for it.The British campaign of Salisbury, the supermarket chain, has chosen to launch an ad in which a father and daughter talk about Christmas rituals on the phone. The father has his own sauce recipe and his own song, which the daughter regrets that embarrasses her (but we well know that it is one more part of the emotional things of her Christmas).

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