In the list of times of the year that have their ‘type of announcement’, Christmas has a prominent role. If consumers are asked to define what a Christmas advertisement looks like, they will possibly do so very efficiently and very quickly, because we have all already embraced the codes of Christmas advertising. The Christmas announcement will be exciting and emotional, it will use certain colors in a dominant way, and it will have a story of a certain kind as the glue that holds it together.But, although the Christmas announcement may be the one that we have the clearest as a recurring element and of which we see more clearly how it will be, that is not the only period that also has its very defined and very clear codes. Something similar happens in summer.The arrival of summer traditionally meant the arrival of advertisements for three types of products on television. On the one hand, there were advertisements for ice creams and other food-drink products with “refreshing” properties. It is not that these products did not exist the rest of the year or that the companies did not advertise (some ice creams intended for the older public tried to maintain themselves at other times of the year as well), but that summer was their peak and when they became in pounding protagonists of the television commercial break. Who does not remember the traditional advertisements of La Casera?On the other hand, there were advertisements for travel products and derivatives. Travel agencies, online portals (in recent years) and, above all, spectacular travel offers had their moment of advertising glory. It was logical because summer was associated with vacations and vacations with travel, something very temporary (which now, on the other hand, is not so much anymore). Some of those ads – just think of Curro and his escapades to the Caribbean – went viral before the viral era.And, finally, there are the ads for creams and sunscreens, which have been repeated year after year and decade after decade (key, for example, for the slogan of some of these brands, such as that of ‘Delial protection, ideal protection’) and that are still part of the type of ads we see every summer.In addition, there are also certain topics and certain elements that consumers expect from the summer ads. If the Christmas announcements are emotional and even start from the sad, those of the summer are happy, fun, full of parties, light and color and very marked by the maritime environment. In the advertising universe, all Spaniards live less than 20 kilometers from the beach.

The announcement-moment of Portugal Phone Number List summer The summer, yes, had the generic ad format for the station, but not the ad-event. Perhaps that came with beer companies, which became the creators of the ‘summer ad’ a few years ago. It could be said that the category was started by Estrella Damm around 2009, when it launched an advertisement set in Formentera that became the paradigm of the summer beer advertisement. The idea was to mix young people, idyllic summer spots, beer and a catchy song. The one in that ad quickly became a viral song, heard everywhere.The Estrella Damm advertisements were rotated every year through different corners of the Mediterranean, which they used as a stage, but they continued to do the same. Summer, beach, ‘modernita’ and cool song (which achieved some success) and a lot of good roll. Beer commercials portrayed an idyllic summer world.

It was when they distanced themselves from it that the ads became much less viral.The model was followed by the other brewing companies, who also tried to find their summer mix, catchy music, and good vibes positive for their campaigns of the period. It had worked for Estrella Damm (increasing the brand’s notoriety in a highly geographically fragmented market), so why not do it for the others as well?The campaign of the first brand ended up becoming, in a way, the general gold standard of what a beer ad should be for the summer (so much, in fact, that the idea of ​​the ‘beer ad summer’ has already openwork like a kind of cliché).

Does the summer announcement-event still make sense?After that first bombshell in 2009, the summer beer ad was expected with the arrival of the season, as for years Freight’s had been expected at Christmas first and as now the Christmas Lottery is expected. It was a moment-event, which also increased the coverage of the advertisement. His arrival became news. And, although it continues to do so (this year Estrella Damm has made an announcement that breaks with its aesthetics and focuses on anti-plastics awareness, one of those star issues) in a way, one might wonder if it still makes sense.

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