The first to return were advertisements for tourist destinations . If in the Christmas and early year’s campaigns the tourist destinations still talked about safety and even more about the future meeting than the immediate one, the spring ones had already forgotten it.The summer campaign of 2021 warmed up engines and appealed to the pandemic fed up of the Spanish population. Advertisements for tourist destinations removed face masks, restrictions, and the effects of the coronavirus crisis.

On the contrary, they focused on idyllic spaces, enjoyment and vacations, at least vacations as we had always known them. And that became the norm: the dominant trend in tourism marketing has been the illusion of normality . They sold a summer that almost seemed in a parallel world, in which the coronavirus had not existed.Now, with summer on full blast, it’s time to see if that trend applies to all summer ads. It is. The summer 2020 campaigns already appealed to the recurring clichés, with the sun and the beach as common elements, although without forgetting that this was a “different” summer.

However, the summer 2021 Aruba Email List campaigns have followed the line set by companies in the tourism industry. In its actions, the coronavirus has ended, it has not left a trace. This summer’s advertising campaigns could be those of any ordinary summer, with its avalanche of catchy music, its swimming pools and beaches and that recurring resource of the Mediterranean.If there is something that can be said about this summer’s campaigns, it is that they follow two major trends. There is, on the one hand, the idyllic exaltation of the beach. On the other, there is the use of humor.

The beach is, once again, the main protagonist of the Estrella Damm advertisement. The company maintains in Love at first sight selling sustainability, as it did in previous campaigns, but it has returned to its classic summer love stories and its famous stars as protagonists (they are Mario Casas, Mireia Oriol and Joan Amargós).To that this year the verse is added. As this is one of those summer-Mediterranean announcements, everything has been recorded in Menorca.

Also, although this could fit into the tourism marketing niche that already showed signs of a trend at the beginning of the season, the announcement of Balearic, the ferry company. Your ad also features an idyllic beach to sell.The other great trend is in the use of humor. This is what the ONCE campaign does, which has also created an ultra-catchy song to position its message (it is not the first time that ONCE has created catchy songs: we must not forget the year in which its advertising songs were the song of the summer).

The Summer Extra campaign touches all the typical summer styles, such as swimming pools and beaches, with a body positive message.Although perhaps the campaign that uses humor and that will have the most echo (their campaigns usually achieve this) is that of the Christmas Lottery. A married couple spends their holidays on the coast, with the husband obsessed with asking his voice assistant everything to the wife’s fill.

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