Are ads called to reach all video games? Advergaming has become one of the great hopes of digital advertising. The data on the use of games of all kinds has not stopped growing in recent years, adding with them many demographic groups. Advertisers see in games, therefore, a potential new gold mine, which adds to that growing El Dorado that they are already seeing in eSports. But taking advantage of the full advertising potential of video games could force companies to tread fine, because users are not willing to accept the inclusion of ads in any way and on all channels.For starters, it is very difficult for consumers to accept being served ads in games and linked services they have paid for. In-game ads are not exactly a novelty and consumers are used to them, but they are used to those who are launched in games for which they do not pay or in certain specific experiences (for example, ads in mobile games are accepted more or less simple).

However, taking those ads Thailand Email List and that experience to other types of games, and especially to paid games, is not so simple: that they are used to seeing them in one setting does not imply that they are willing to accept them in another.The advertising experience they are testing in the NBA 2K21 game is a perfect example. The game is paid and both its versions for PS4, Xbox One and PC include advertising. On the loading screens, the game serves ads, and as much as the user wants to skip them, they can’t. The ad must be viewed in its entirety.For now, the ads are only seen in the United States, the only market in which the experience is being tested, as pointed out in Vidaextra , but the move is an example of the direction the industry is taking.

2K Games, the creators of the game, are not the first to try to introduce ads in paid games. EA Sports also put publicity in the matches of its game UFC 4, which it ended up eliminating due to protests from users.The Twitch caseThe rejection of ads is similar to the controversy that Twitch’s movement sparked in the ad market at the time. Twitch is not a game, although it is a platform used by game streamers. His success is very high in this area.A month ago, the platform, owned by Amazon, announced that it was going to incorporate a new ad format. I was going to start serving mid-roll ads that streamers have no control over to users who haven’t seen ads for a long time.

That is, if the viewer has not had a recent ad break (until now the usual thing was to serve the ads in pre-roll), Twitch will serve them ads in mid-roll, a break in the style of TV commercials (although without have the windows of advertising opportunity of traditional TV).The response from streamers and the game universe to the announcement was very critical. The mid-roll ads were seen as a brutal drag on the experience. Shortly after the announcement, Twitch ended up quitting. As the service’s customer service account explained on Twitter, they had finished the week of testing and retired the format, acknowledging that they had received a lot of feedback and that they would take it into account in the future.

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