Where the ads appear is not a trivial issue. For advertising to work, brands and companies must choose carefully the message, the niche audience they are trying to reach with it or the way in which that content is served. Establishing these points appropriately and correctly is essential for the messages to reach consumers and for the most successful results to be achieved. But, in addition, marketers must also choose very carefully which channels will function as a platform to launch those messages.The halo effect is one of the crucial elements in marketing. It operates on many levels and on many issues. Basically, it means that the values ​​of the contextual elements impact how consumers view the product and the brand.

One of the best examples is in the transmission of values ​​between the famous person who works as an ambassador for a product and the product itself. Consumers Guatemala Email List transfer many of the points they consider from that famous person to the product they connect to.But the halo effect does not stop there. It also has effects on advertising. The advertisements are not only infected by the values ​​of their protagonists, but also by those of the platforms on which they are broadcast.Companies must therefore choose carefully where they will serve their ads, because channels will make their ads more or less created, more or less remembered, or seen with more or less credibility. For example, the reputational crisis of social media has led consumers to believe less of the ads they see in that environment. An advertisement that they have come across on social media is already, from the outset, less reliable.

Since more than a few companies have ended up advertising alongside disinformation content, consumers no longer believe everything they see.This situation reminds, however, that, if you choose well which channels are used to advertise, the results will be different. That is, poor quality content has a negative impact on the perception of the brand and its ads, but good quality content does just the opposite. Appearing with the ads in reference media or media that are reliable gives advertising greater reliability. The consumer sees it in a much safer way.The power of reference mediaAs a study has just shown and as Warc collects , those advertisers who have opted to locate themselves in media with recognized brands have achieved better effects and results. These also not only work at the time the ad is served, they are also better in the long run.

In general, the study indicates that these types of ads achieve improvements in market share, prices and profits. “They are able to achieve this due to their strong impacts on brand confidence and quality perception, two brand effects that are strongly linked to profit growth,” explains the head of the study, Peter Field.These ads are much more linked to values ​​such as high quality or being trustworthy content. At the end of the day, that is what the means of reference are assumed to have as an element of value. They are the values ​​that your readers connect with them.In addition, the recent context has also given more value to the reference media. Consumers are fed up with fake news and misinformation, which is why they turn much more to media considered serious and safe in their news and in their analysis.

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