What makes an ad campaign work? What is it that leads to an ad going viral, while the competition fails to get consumers to receive the message in the same way? These are key questions that mark the design of the strategy of brands and companies. Everyone would like to have the answer so that they can position themselves more effectively when they launch their own.A study , prepared by Pacific using data on social networks from Crimson Hexagon, has analyzed the response that some viral campaigns got in recent years, such as Always’s Like a Girl , Dove’s Real Beauty or Volvo’s The Epic Split , among others. . They are campaigns that nobody doubts since they had a very high impact and they managed to sneak into the conversations. Finding out what they have in common can help you understand what works.

People like ad campaigns This conclusion may seem the most striking and even the most unexpected, because if something seems to have become clear in Malaysia WhatsApp Number List recent times and in line with what they are showing from the studies to the things that consumers themselves do as users of the elements that are the gateway to ads is that the latter do not like much. Complaints about advertising and the use of tools that block it have been growing.And despite everything, the study concludes that advertising campaigns (at least those that have a significant impact and manage to position themselves well with consumers) are well received. Not only are positive feelings more common than negative ones and last longer, but the emotion most commonly expressed is joy.But this love is a limited thing That is: only a few campaigns achieve this love and these relationships with consumers and only a few manage to cross the border between being just advertising noise and being something relevant.

As they point out in the conclusions of the analysis, only a few become viral (and achieve an average life of four months). We talk about them and share them, but we may talk less about them on social media than we would about other virals. Social media is the way to amplify your reach The data on what has happened to all these campaigns and the reception they have had among consumers shows once again something that the industry has already been pointing out and that has become a kind of dominant tonic in speeches on how to position a bell. Social media works as an amplifier for campaigns and as a way to reach many more audiences.Social networks and the strategic use of them mean that the campaigns achieve much more travel and have a much greater chance of becoming a more viral element that reaches the audiences better.

Use the influence strategically And, closely linked to the previous point, the use of influences can be added. Simply adding them to the campaign is not worth it. They have to be used strategically and they have to serve to prop up key elements.Your campaign has to be true to your brand One of the risks that brands and companies run when something starts to work for the competition is to fall into the trap of thinking that they also have to do that. It is the idea that if someone succeeded with a theme, a technique or a character, their own company can also achieve it using the same weapons.Nothing is further from reality. The campaigns that have had the most impact and have worked better have done so because what they showed was closely linked to them. What is the same: the most successful campaigns were a reflection of the values ​​of the brand in question and its qualities and objectives. The brand spoke to its audience based on what had made it unique before.

The campaign does not work by itself No matter how successful the campaigns are, as is the case with the ones they analyzed in the study, and no matter how much impact they may have or seem to have, advertising campaigns should not be seen as the ultimate goal or as the only tool to reach the consumer. They cannot be the ‘everything’ of the marketing strategy. In fact, in social networks, brands and companies remind us, they star in conversations especially in two moments, when they are viral and when they star in a scandal.Campaigns help to generate impact, to do it in a controlled way and to position the brand. Therefore, they are very important. But, at the same time, companies and their managers have to be very aware that they are one more piece.

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