Elisa torregrosaI have a degree in Advertising and Public Relations from the University of Alicante. Passionate about …IMF Business School · Masters in Marketing and Digital Communication Become a professional with the best school to study digital marketing in person or online ACL Direct Promo · We know about Relationship Marketing We are experts in loyalty and incentives · We like to create unique experiences Last week Facebook said goodbye with a “sayonara Baby”, the format of the old Fan Pages. If your fan page has not yet adapted to this new era dominated by a much more visual and attractive interface, don’t waste another second and take note of the changes that make this tool even more powerful. Arm yourself to enter through the front door in the universe of the new Fan Pages.

Since last March 30, the Facebook Fan Pages have started a Portugal Email List stage with important changes that will affect each and every one of the fan pages registered in this social network. For this reason, I ask you the following question: are you among the more than 8 million companies that have already adapted their Fan Pages to the settings proposed by Facebook? If the answer is affirmative, I congratulate you because that shows the reason that popular wisdom has when it says “who gets up early, Facebook helps.” On the contrary, if your beloved and admired Fan Page continues as usual, what are you waiting for to start the update process? Facebook doesn’t understand the language of ‘not today … tomorrow!’, Because tomorrow may be too late. Write down these recommendations on your analog agenda, on the digital one, on your tablet or wherever you like, but bet on the change because the Facebook Fan Pages open before you multiplying their power.10 news, 10 opportunities to take your Fan Page to an unknown dimension An attractive initial header. The distinctive note of the renewed Fan Pages is the cover image, a kind of large horizontal banner where, without any mention of company data, calls to action or information on discounts and promotions, the company is a minimum of 399 pixels wide to impact its users with an image that conveys its essence and character. Facebook challenges us to understand unlimited creativity as a concentrate of attraction and effectiveness. An identifying avatar for your messages and publications. Formerly known as the Fan Page profile image, Facebook has given a twist by offering the user the possibility of having an independent, identifying and dynamic avatar. In this way, any new entry or update you make will be identified with that image. Write down this recommendation: The first option will always be your company logo, but make the most of your header and profile photo by making surprising combinations. It will bring dynamism and you will surprise your users. Do your users need information about your company? Give it to him in a new way. Now, under the image that captains the profile, you can offer all the relevant information about your company. Meditate, do not do it quickly because rushing is not good advice and choose the right words with that sparkling touch that differentiates a plain text from engaging content . Don’t forget: Every item counts in gaining the user’s attention.

APPS-tualízate. Applications are the new queens of the Fan Pages. They take on a greater prominence than that achieved so far, standing permanently under the header image with a more visible identifying icon. Renew their image, change their name making it more striking … Play with them and your users will appreciate it! Only 4 apps will appear under the profile image, so bet on a winning combination that adds value to the user and responds to the interests of your company. A Timeline that talks about your past, present and future on Facebook. The chronological history of your company in this social network is reflected in a revolutionary Timeline. You can choose the date you want to be displayed on your Fan Page and, curling the curl, put a specific date for each publication you make. Practice flashback and even flashforward giving added value to your fan page that will leave your audience speechless. Creativity in its purest form. Milestones, questions and surveys at a glance. Mark those key days in the life of your company with milestones. Launching a product, obtaining recognition or expanding offices can mean a before and after for your company. So, highlight them with images, give them value so that your fans really know you. The questions and surveys are maintained but optimizing their visibility and with a faster and more intuitive operation. Take advantage of them and listen to your audience!

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