As you know, the Product Location (EdP) was regulated by the Markets and Competition Commission (CNMC) in the General Law of Audiovisual Communication (LGCA) of March 31, 2010, as transposition of an EU directive . Today we are going to talk to you about the legal aspects of EdP, of whose activity, Alternativa de Medios leads in.In a sentence perfectly studied and dealt with in depth by the National High Court, ANTENA 3 is agreed and the CNMC’s claim is rejected, in which it was accused of an infringement of “undue prominence” for the appearance of the bottle of Coca-Cola in 3 of the 24 chapters analyzed.

I think it is very important, because in addition to creating jurisprudence on the coherent integration of a brand in the script, it reinforces the fact that Alternative de Medios did a good job, both in the idea of ​​the script, and in the exposure of the brand, taking care of the credibility of the appearance and making it a whole with the series, we know the law and we know how to apply it. And if, as they say, it was done well, reinforcing our belief that a good script is better than a lot of exposure. See here the entire sentence.One of the legal aspects that the EdP must contemplate is what the LGCA indicates in section 3: “The location cannot condition the responsibility or editorial independence of the audiovisual communication service provider.

Nor can it directly encourage Egypt Phone Numbers List the purchase or leasing of goods or services, carry out specific promotions of these or give undue prominence to the product “. Precisely, the “undue prominence” is the accusation of the CNMC, in this case.After a meticulous analysis and viewing of the 3 denounced chapters, the National Court indicates that: “The presence of the Coca-Cola product bottles is incorporated into the action of the program, forming part of the plot and script of such series, which it is not artificially influenced by the inclusion of said bottles, but, on the contrary, they are inserted in such chapters in a natural way. ” … ”

In short, the undue prominence of the Coca-Cola product that is attributed by the Administration to the episodes of the Velvet series so often cited, either because of its recurring presence, or the way it is presented or highlighted, is not shared by the Chamber, considering on the contrary that such product appears as an integral part of the script, in which it is inserted naturally, without altering, It is a satisfaction for the entire Alternative team and an endorsement of our work in which we always seek to combine the interests of the brands with the exquisite regulatory compliance.

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