Who would have thought that the red cup and the lifetime salary of Nescafé would continue to give so many joys, not only to the lucky person with the salary, but to the brand itself, which continues to triumph, over the years, in social networks. High-end brands want to reach all audiences and for this they have not hesitated to use social networks, although some with better fortune than others. Mahou, Nescafé and Danone are the ones that achieve the best results in social networks, according to a recent study by Epsilon Technologies that establishes a ranking with the 45 most purchased consumer brands in Spain and their performance in social networks.

To decide which brands were part of the study Canadian Email Lists, they used Kantar Media’s 2016 Brand Footprint. Finally, 45 brands and a total of 103 social profiles were analyzed during the first quarter of 2016. The findings in the networks are most revealing: only “seven brands concentrate more than 50% of the total interactions: Nescafé, Mahou, Danone, Dulcesol, Milka, Bimboy Dolce Gusto”, although all of them stand out due to different factors.

According to the study, “Maho is the most viral brand and the second with the most interactions, Nescafé is the one that generates the most interactions, Pepsies the leading brand in number of fans and PastasGallo is the brand with the most engagement.” Among all the brands analyzed there are more than eight million fans and more than two million interactions, which gives an average of 180 thousand followers per brand and twelve thousand interactions. Another interesting data is the average of interactions per post that reaches 172 and the average engagement of 7.8%. 

What has led these brands to succeed on social media?

Many have relied on strategies and campaigns with novel content. The report concludes that the contests work very well: “16.5% of the posts published on Facebook are from contests and giveaways, which has increased interaction by 133%. On Twitter they also work really well, increasing interaction by 271%. Quite the opposite occurs in Instagram, where contests lower interaction by 22%.

The TOP5 of mass consumer brands on social networks

For the final podium, the study elaborates an index that is the average of the fan rates, interactions and virality on the total of brands studied (being viral the sum of times shared on Facebook and Twitter). The first position is for Mahou (9.3) to which it contributes mainly to being “the most viral brand thanks to the results obtained with the # MiMahou Pendiente campaign. Nescafé (9.2) occupies the second position by generating more than 11% of all interactions Its Red Cup raffles and contests are sweeping networks, as gamification encourages participation. In third place, Danone (6.6), which bases its strategy on healthy lifestyles and advice through animated content, such as videos, of high value for its public. Dulcesol occupies the fourth position (5, 7) thanks to its commitment to video recipes in quick format and contests and raffles. And in fifth position, Milka, who is also the number one in efficiency, and who has based her strategy on presenting, through the networks, her new products with tempting and attractive .

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