After attracting a large number of players, the concept of metaverse seems to have experienced a certain decline in popularity. Related start-up companies have begun to look for new ways out, and major manufacturers are also trying to “turn” or “cool down”. So how to interpret the development of the Metaverse industry? Let’s take a look at the dismantling of the author of this article. The story of the metaverse seems to be unreasonable. At present, the stock price of Roblox, which started the metaverse boom, has fallen by half, and the leading brother Meta is also in deep trouble due to the loss of the metaverse. Looking at China again, from Byte’s “Party Island” to Tencent’s “Phantom Core”, the following giants have regarded .

Giants “fever down”

Different from the so-called “Yuan Nian”, the metaverse concept has attracted players from various fields to enter the game one after another, but there are very few real results. This is largely due to the great uncertainty behind the concept of the metaverse. After all, it is only a product born out of science fiction and condensed by the public’s imagination. It is completely different from the outlets that were  by entities or  on business logic in the past. Based on this, the current Canada Phone Number players’ attitude towards the Metaverse is not as ambiguous as in the past, especially the Internet giants who love to chase after the trend. The Byte Metaverse social app “Party Island” was shut down, and Tencent’s digital storage platform Magic Core was abolished. TME’s digital collection business has also been suspended – the frequency with which giants touch the Metaverse is visibly declining.

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Metaverse Entrepreneurial Escape

The logic behind it is that there is no soil for a large-scale explosion of metaverse-related products at present, and the so-called metaverse products of the giants are just experimental attempts under the logic of “not to be miss. Take digital collections as an example. For big manufacturers, there is always a dangerous atmosphere of financial hype. If you don’t pay attention, you will touch the red line of supervision. The giants who have been “beaten” repeatedly are naturally B2B Lead daunted and cautious. For brands, digital collections are nothing more than the entrance of brand marketing and membership management. The value of marketing is more considered when entering the game, rather than overriding the main business. In contrast, XR devices may be one of the few deterministic opportunities in the current metaverse, and this is the logical support for Facebook’s renaming of Meta. After all, choosing hardware as the landing scene can not only graft into the metaverse.


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