One of the great regulations in terms of advertising that the year was going to bring was that of the regulation of online gambling. It was the topic of the moment at the beginning of the year, when the government’s plans in this matter were presented.However, the outbreak of the coronavirus crisis has caused all issues that were not related to the disease to remain in the background. During the confinement, specific regulations were approved that limited the advertising of betting houses and online gambling, to limit the exposure of the population at risk to these contents at a particularly delicate moment.Now, after the entry into the new normal, the regulation of the advertising of betting houses and online gambling is returning to the epicenter. With the return of La Liga, the betting houses’ announcements returned, relaxing the restrictions that marked the agenda until just before. However, things could change in the near future and this edition of the competition could be the last in which bookmakers and online gambling have a prominent presence.The Ministry of Consumption has already finalized the draft of the royal decree with which it wants to regulate online gambling and bookmakers and its use of advertising and marketing to reach consumers.

This is the draft that followed the post-announcement consultation period at the beginning of the Falkland Islands and Malvinas Email List year and is actually tougher than what was originally intended in terms of what advertisers can and cannot do.For now, it has not been approved, but leaks to the media have already revealed its contents. Based on what they have been able to know since 20Minutos , which has had access to the draft, the standard will very significantly limit the possible actions.Only early morning announcements From the outset, the draft of the royal decree wants to follow the advertising patterns that were already used during the coronavirus crisis. That is, the television advertising of the betting houses and online gambling will be limited to a specific time.

It can only be broadcast at dawn, between 1 and 5.In the previous draft legislation, the hand had been opened for the advertisements of these companies to appear in the advertising breaks when the competitions began after eight o’clock in the afternoon. Thus, La Liga matches, for example, could carry these advertisements. In this new draft, this option disappears.Out of logos and types of adsIt is not the only element that will impact sports marketing strategies and sponsorships for teams (especially football, which used it on a recurring basis). Team kits may not include the logos of online gaming companies and betting houses.

This was also something that the previous idea of ​​what the law would be like was going to allow, eliminating them from merchandising when they were products for sale for minors. Now, however, that window also disappears.And, finally, the exact rules for bookmaker and online gambling advertisements are also toughened. In the previous proposal, celebrities and other public figures were prohibited from advertising this type of service. Now also promotions are going to be vetoed (bookmakers usually promote bonuses and offers to attract new customers) but also the background and the form of the ads.Gambling cannot be presented as a solution to the problems of the players and they cannot play a superior role either. That is, the ads in which the player appears as a winner in front of the others would end, for example.

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