IMF Business School · Masters in Marketing and Digital Communication Online or in person · Double degree · Up to 70% scholarship · Job and internship exchange One of the lessons that have become key on how the marketing strategy should be and how to reach and connect with consumers is in the customer strategy and the experience that is offered. That is, the consumer experience has become a key issue that not only differentiates the company from its competition and creates a specific brand image, but also helps to establish much deeper and stronger relationships with consumers.

Now, at a time when brand loyalty and loyalty have become more important than ever Australia Phone Number List marketers must take care of what is a key element to achieve this, the customer experience. But what should a company do to establish a strong relationship with its customers and a good customer experience strategy? What are the points that consumers will really value and that will make a difference compared to the other points of your activity? Answering that question is not always easy, and while marketers and business leaders tend to fall for certain platitudes, finding the magic bullet to deliver the best possible experience is complicated and complex, something that companies need to research and research into. Get to know your consumers so that you can clearly define what they do and why. One of the latest studies on the issue has been prepared by Pega, which has asked decision makers and customer experience managers in 12 countries about the points they considered critical when creating memorable user experiences.

Their conclusions allow to outline a robot portrait of what the heads of the companies believe that it works as anchor and base elements of the customer experience. Key points for customer experience From the outset, the key is in the experience in almost a tangible way. 66% of those surveyed indicate that the most important critical point, the one that is therefore positioned as outstanding, is to allow the interactions between consumer and company to be free of “pain” and to be elegant. That is, companies must offer points of contact in which things flow and in which consumers do not face complicated, unfavorable or annoying situations. the same percentage, 66%, speaks of the times. They are the ones who believe that a service should be offered that is fast. In times of the internet and when consumers have less patience and lower response thresholds, you can understand why this point is key. Behind these two points, and fairly close, are making sure that consumers feel that they understand them (65%), making the information that is relevant easy to find (63%) and being consistent between the different channels and connect to the brand in all of them (63%).

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