What have been the trends that have marked the advertising agenda in the year that is about to end? That is the question that Warc analysts have asked themselves, who have selected those points that are the most outstanding of the year and that those responsible for the brands should be clear about as they prepare for the following year.In general, globally, Warc has detected certain trends that make it clear how things are changing. For example, half of consumers have boycotted a brand in 2019 that does not fit their values. With regard to marketers, they have detected a growth in the use of stories on Instagram to promote e-commerce. In the EMEA market, in which Europe is located, the main element in the field of consumers is that there is already a niche of consumers who do not watch linear television (15%) and for advertisers that data silos are holding back the data-driven marketing.But beyond these specific points, Warc analysts have detected three trends that have dominated in 2019 and whose echo will continue to be noticed in 2020 if you want to understand how to shape your advertising strategy.The power of privacyOne of the great trends that have marked the agenda in 2019 has been that of privacy. Consumers, as they explain from Warc, have changed their relationship with the data and with what they expect from the companies linked to it. That is, if in the past they could have been much less aware of the importance of data or the role it plays in the relationships that companies establish with them, now they are fully aware and are also increasingly concerned about what happens with that information.

As they point out in the analysis, many have already taken steps to reduce their ‘data footprint’, so to speak, and limit what companies can know about them. 44% share Bahamas Phone Numbers List less information online and 27% already use an therefore, data has to become a crucial element in the marketing strategy, but from a different prism. Brands need to create strong data protection strategies (14% of companies – globally – do not have it) and understand consumers and their fears. In addition, programmatic advertising and its use of data have become another hot spot. 50% of marketers believe they have not yet reached their full potential.Additionally, marketers continue to worry about issues such as brand safety, the context in which ads are served, and the negative impact this may have.The slowdown of the socialSocial networks, that bright scenario and in which it seemed that all the advertising investment of the future was going to be concentrated, are no longer the panacea.

Analysts have realized during 2019 that the data on the growth of advertising investment had slowed down (it continues to grow, but not as much) and the future forecasts already show striking data. One from Warc, for example, notes that one in five marketers expect to reduce the money they spend on Facebook advertising during 2020.Why did this happen? Some social networks have seen (this is the case of Facebook) their usage data falling, but in Warc’s analysis they point in another direction. Their analysis indicates that advertising investment is cooling at a time when social media content is generating more mistrust.We trust less in social networks and what we find in them and, in addition, consumers are demanding more control and more regulation in this area.

On average, around the world, just over 50% of consumers believe that these companies should be regulated more than they are (in Spain it is just over 60%).The new advertising spacesGaming and podcasts have been growing in pull and weight among consumers, especially among younger consumers. One in three 16-24 year olds watched a game livestream in the past month, for example.This makes their potential grow and their appeal increases in advertising terms, since they are offering content to an audience that television has lost and that is also followed live (you cannot skip, therefore, the ads). Advertiser interest will grow and the wars for market dominance (between YouTube and Amazon’s Twitch) are on the rise.

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