IMF Business School · Masters in Marketing and Digital Communication Become a professional with the best school to study digital marketing in person or online Monographic course on Internet Law at CEF.- Center for Financial StudiesKnow the legal responsibilities that exist in the digital environment to protect your company Dedicating yourself to online business does not mean becoming a bear with a tendency to hibernate. It does not mean not leaving home, since this type of business allows you to decide the location where you want to work, or to neglect your own image. Many of the entrepreneurs who decide to open an online business work from home and this is one of the main advantages offered by the network: a flexible schedule and the possibility of making money from home are, without a doubt, some of the most desired working conditions in the world, but comfort should not be confused with sloppiness.

I will try to explain myself better. Physical presence Scotland Email List taking care of your own image are two very important points in business, not only traditional, but also online. And if you think that going into a business network means staying all day in your pajamas and without shaving, let me tell you that you are wrong, I do not advise you. Perhaps you are thinking that your personal image is not my concern, and you are right, but I consider that personal image is essential to improve as an entrepreneur and as a person. To become confident and determined enough to create a successful business. In addition, the image is not only what you see, but what you convey and how you behave. Your attitude is part of your image. These are some of the aspects that influence your image as an entrepreneur (even if you do business online):Punctuality : Try to always be punctual because time is one of the most important values ​​that you and your potential clients have. Not being punctual to an appointment, or to a response, or to the sending of an electronic newsletter, can be perceived very negatively by your target as far as it is a lack of respect. Even if the others are not punctual, you always be. Your potential clients will appreciate it. Confident and optimistic attitude : Always try to maintain a determined attitude to convey an image of an expert in the sector to which you and your business belong. In addition, optimism will help make it always pleasant to deal with and talk with you. Take care of your presence : even if you do business online, as I said before, it is essential that you take care of your physical appearance and that you exercise regularly. Feeling better about yourself will help build your self-esteem and motivate you.

Do not promise falsely : sometimes in order not to lose a customer, you could find yourself in the situation of having to promise something that you do not know if you will be able to fulfill. Do not do this because the risk of transmitting an unprofessional image that you will not be able to repair is too high. It is better to be honest and express your doubts or difficulties, because your sincerity in this case will be perceived in a positive way and the human aspect of your image as an entrepreneur will give you credibility and seriousness. Your personality and your character are transmitted in everything you do, also in your business, take care of your image to take care of the image of your activity. It is important. “Behavior is a mirror in which each one shows his image.” Goethe, Johann Wolfgang

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