Course on e-Marketing at CEF.- Center for Financial Studies To learn about E-Marketing, identify the strategies, their implementation and their success stories IMF Business School · Masters in Marketing and Digital Communication Online or in person · Double degree · Up to 70% scholarship · Job and internship exchange Marketing and mobile technology are experiencing a real revolution that directly affects traditional commerce and all types of businesses. User and consumer habits are changing in this process. Every day there are more people connected who use their Smartphones to compare prices, search for stores or products and even make recommendations about their experiences, and it is something that we cannot ignore.

During the past year 2011, an exponential increase in mobile users was experienced, and the forecasts for this growth show that during 2012 and the next few years, technology and mobile marketing will acquire great prominence. As can be seen in one of the infographics developed by Nicaragua Email List Group, the data highlights and highlights this new reality. According to some of the data analyzed, 77% of Smartphone users use their phones while shopping and 58% of adults have a high probability of making a purchase through their Smartphones. The mix of the different actions and applications of the use given to these devices by mobile users was evident during last Christmas, where in consumer purchases, tablets and smartphones played an important role when it came to making Research on products before and during the purchase process, as well as when accessing all kinds of comments and experiences from other customers and consumers.

Faced with these new habits, not all retailers and merchants have been able to take advantage of the benefits that this can bring to the new consumer trade. While many have obtained and are generating great benefits through innovative mobile marketing strategies, others are still in an initial or experimentation phase in this regard. These new habits and trends among consumers require that both companies and sellers adapt to them as quickly as possible in order to remain competitive, especially when consumers have in their possession a large number of means by which to reach better prices or low cost products. Simply put, if the mobile strategy is not optimized, many businesses will go on to become true ‘showrooms’ compared to more competitive ones that will actually be the ones who make the sales .It is the consumers themselves who search, compare and are influenced by all kinds of external references to the businesses that can ultimately be decisive in their purchasing decisions. Mobile devices are making consumers much smarter and less impulsive now. That is why businesses and merchants now more than ever must give special attention and importance to mobile users and consumers, really focusing on their true needs and using online strategies optimized for these types of devices.

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