It was one of the things that was expected of the new government and its legislative plans: it was taken for granted that they would change the legislation on online gambling and associated advertising. In the campaign, United We Can, which is part of the government coalition, had addressed the issue, which had also been the subject of debates in recent months.At the beginning of this month, it was known that the Ministry of Consumption wanted to limit the advertising of the bookmakers to the early hours. Now it is much clearer what consumer plans have and how it will affect the marketing and advertising strategy of bookmakers and online gambling companies.In the presentation of the Effective File, during the international day of Responsible Gaming, which will limit access to the game and the bets of the players that are included in it, the Minister of Consumption, Alberto Garzón, advanced how the regulatory plans that will be on going.As the ministry itself shares on its Twitter profile, Garzón announced: “In the next few days we will initiate the corresponding process to launch the Royal Decree on Gaming Advertising, with which we will begin to rigorously and reliably address the regulation of the sector” .

The regulations go, or at least that is what the ministry promises, as stated by, to seek “social consensus” among all the parties involved.One of the Philippines Phone Number List measures that the new royal decree will implement will be to limit the use of recruitment tools, which are one of the claims that bookmakers and online gambling companies use to reach their potential users. The vouchers reward new users and remove barriers to entry to these services. According to Consumption, the bonuses are also the means by which these companies reach “minors” and which they use to retain their users, including “people with gambling problems who would have wanted to stop gambling.”Consumption will therefore limit how companies use them. They will not allow them to advertise “bonuses that carry some type of economic bonus” and may also have economic limits on their use.

Promotions may not exceed 100 euros.The measure will thus be added to those that they already plan to apply to limit the advertising of these bookmakers to certain times on television broadcasts. Massive advertising and the use of incentives and recruitment bonuses have been two of the elements that these companies have used on a recurring basis to connect with their customers.Bookmakers, a prominent advertiser Little by little, therefore, it is known what changes will imply the royal decree that will regulate the betting houses and their behavior. The advertising and marketing market will be one of those that will be modified by what the norm creates, something that will impact what the bookmakers do in a direct way (for them, marketing and advertising have been key elements in their strategy) but also on those who benefited indirectly as support.

The advertising of sportsbooks has become one of the key pieces in sports marketing in recent years, especially in soccer.Some estimates in recent years already indicated, for example, that 75% of football teams had a sportsbook as a sponsor. Codere is a sponsor of Real Madrid, 1XBet of Barcelona and Bet365 of Getafe, the three teams that are now in the top positions of the League. Online gambling and betting advertising is already a very important part of sports advertising breaks (20% of ad time for football matches, for example).Therefore, bookmakers have become an element of economic weight in the advertising field for several players in the industry.

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