Online gambling and betting house advertising has become one of the trickiest issues in the advertising market. It is a ubiquitous advertisement, but one that is seen in an increasingly critical way and about which everything indicates that many things will change in the near future.The future could come with a drastic reduction in the issuance of sportsbook advertising spots. The Royal Decree in which the Ministry of Consumption already works seeks to send the announcements of these companies at dawn. Only betting houses will advertise on television and radio between 1 am and 5 am, as advance sources ministry.For now, little else is known about the measure. The ministry wants to send the ads to the early morning broadcasts in order to protect minors who they consider, as online sources point out, that they are a “particularly vulnerable group.”The plans of the Ministry of Consumption have been oriented from the beginning to ‘enter’ the problem of online gambling. The question is not exactly new. The growth of bookmakers in recent years, with an increasing presence in some city neighborhoods, and the increasingly visible pull of online gambling, have become an element of controversy.Public authorities already began to question the advertising of bookmakers in 2018, already taking measures in that direction. Just in that year, Italy vetoed – despite protests from football teams – advertising for sportsbooks.

At that time, the Government Saudi Arabia Phone Number List and United We Can, then in opposition, negotiated the regulation of the advertising of gambling.The campaigns had become more and more aggressive, using very popular faces (from television presenters to sportsmen) and near-avalanche techniques. In the world of sports, bookmakers were everywhere, sponsoring more and more things and more and more teams. Consumers have also become more critical of sportsbook advertising and these businesses.One only has to think of the wave of criticism against Carlos Sobera, a popular presenter, when he became at the same time the image of a betting house and a microcredit company, or of the negative comments on social networks when the Madrid buses They came up with a campaign from one of these companies.

The pressure against the bookmakers and their advertising has been increasing .The figures of the advertising of sportscaster, it is not surprising that the Ministry of Consumer Affairs has this issue on its agenda. Applying the regulations will possibly be complex and will have resistance not only among bookmakers, but also among the media and among football teams, which are the ones who have benefited from this advertising investment (which is now completely legal, although consumers take into account their morality).In an estimate from the fall of 2018, it was concluded that 75% of soccer teams already had a sportsbook as a sponsor. At that time, 20% of the advertising time in the broadcasts of football matches went to advertisements for these companies.

The spending that online gambling companies and bookmakers made on advertising was very high and was growing. In the second quarter of 2018 it was at 81.3 million euros, 55% than in the same period of the previous year.According to data from the 2018 Activity Report (last October version) of the General Directorate for the Regulation of Gambling, the gambling market rose by 25.48% year-on-year.The potential new regulation also opens many questions. For example, you may wonder what will happen to online advertising for gambling and gambling or what will happen to sponsorship. Will sports book logos disappear from soccer team uniforms?

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